Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Twentieth Visit

I went back this morning with three of our grandchildren and our Son-in-Law.  It was his first visit and the first one for several weeks for the grandchildren.  For me there was very little difference from last week due to the Bank Holiday.  I did remember to take a photo of the cupboard in the toilet and there will be a few photos posted in due course, but not tonight - two grandchildren single handed (Chris was away for the day) has left me rather tired!  Bob is still saying the end of June, but......well I am not sure.  The latest delay is the upholsterer - the person he gets his foam from is away all this week.

A little late, but here are the few photos I took last week:

The little cupboard I had requested in the toilet to store spare loo rolls and the coffee filter papers (those who have or know about composting toilets will understand the need for the latter.)

The backing for the stove is in place - I wonder if any of the tiles will be in by our next visit?

Some of the vertical battens are in place

The upstand behind the work surfaces in the galley has been attached

The cupboard beside the shower has been found to be a little tight for storing the spare liquid container for the composting toilet, so this space is going to be boxed in with a lift up lid.

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