Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fourteenth Viewing - another unplanned one

We have spent the last couple of days hunting for tiles to go behind the stove and today we popped in to see Bob to show him what we have come up with and see if they are okay - they are!

Whilst we were there he asked if we wanted a peek - well of course we did!  What a difference a few days make - we now have the bulk heads in, so we have 'rooms'.  The floor is down, you can see where the shower and loo will be and part of the bed and the bedside tables are in.  The oven, microwave and the bow thruster have arrived.  The only downside - I had not taken the camera.  The other thing we noticed - now that she is outside she is very dusty!   We are back on Saturday, so more photos then.

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