Friday, 24 May 2013

Nineteenth visit - unplanned

We popped up today to discuss plans for the TV/Bookshelf cabinet.  To our surprise when we looked out of the office window - there she was - gone!  She is in the tunnel for painting.  We did go aboard and there are more changes - the bathroom now has a frosted glass window, the bathroom towel rail and a few other bits and bobs have been done.  I, however, did not have my camera.  Discussions were also had with Ashley about coach line positions, colours and spaces for scrolls.  The next 'proper' visit will just be me with two of the grandchildren next Wednesday.  We did have a little discussion about dates and we are now looking at the end of June with a total guarantee that is will be before 22 July when we need to move aboard as our kitchen and bedroom at home are being gutted and re-done.

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