Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Twentieth Visit

I went back this morning with three of our grandchildren and our Son-in-Law.  It was his first visit and the first one for several weeks for the grandchildren.  For me there was very little difference from last week due to the Bank Holiday.  I did remember to take a photo of the cupboard in the toilet and there will be a few photos posted in due course, but not tonight - two grandchildren single handed (Chris was away for the day) has left me rather tired!  Bob is still saying the end of June, but......well I am not sure.  The latest delay is the upholsterer - the person he gets his foam from is away all this week.

A little late, but here are the few photos I took last week:

The little cupboard I had requested in the toilet to store spare loo rolls and the coffee filter papers (those who have or know about composting toilets will understand the need for the latter.)

The backing for the stove is in place - I wonder if any of the tiles will be in by our next visit?

Some of the vertical battens are in place

The upstand behind the work surfaces in the galley has been attached

The cupboard beside the shower has been found to be a little tight for storing the spare liquid container for the composting toilet, so this space is going to be boxed in with a lift up lid.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Nineteenth visit - unplanned

We popped up today to discuss plans for the TV/Bookshelf cabinet.  To our surprise when we looked out of the office window - there she was - gone!  She is in the tunnel for painting.  We did go aboard and there are more changes - the bathroom now has a frosted glass window, the bathroom towel rail and a few other bits and bobs have been done.  I, however, did not have my camera.  Discussions were also had with Ashley about coach line positions, colours and spaces for scrolls.  The next 'proper' visit will just be me with two of the grandchildren next Wednesday.  We did have a little discussion about dates and we are now looking at the end of June with a total guarantee that is will be before 22 July when we need to move aboard as our kitchen and bedroom at home are being gutted and re-done.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Eighteenth Viewing

 Today we were back again with another set of non boating friends.  The size surprised them and the number of 'mod cons'.   Progress is slow but steady, but there is still a long way to go.

The bed is now constructed - well it is under all those tools somewhere.

The bed extension is also in place

The smaller wardrobe 

The larger wardrobe now has doors

One bedside cabinet - I have requested a shelf

I remembered to take a picture of the sink and cupboard this week

Dinette construction is under way - it will be 6' 6" wide and 4' long when it is a bed

Storage for spare bedding ready for visitors

 The radiators are in

Lights are up

 We can cook

and wash the clothes

The shelves above the washing machine

The engine is in, but not connected yet

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Seventeenth Viewing

Back again to inspect the progress.  A couple of non boating friends came with us today and were very impressed.  We met the signwriter today, so have a little more idea where we are heading with that.  Progress is slow but steady, but we are not holding our breath for completion date.  She will be ready when she is ready.  Some things you just cannot rush.

Bow and stern steps are in and have storage 

 Cupboard between bedroom and bathroom

 The shower is in as is the basin, but I forgot to take a photo of the latter - you can just see a bit of it at the bottom left of the picture

 The composting loo!  I asked today if we could have a small cupboard in the corner to keep a spare loo roll and most importantly - the coffee filter paper.  The answer was ' we will see what we can do'.

The sink side of the galley - we have not gone mad and chosen blue cupboards - they are cream, but with protective film at present. The stern steps are visible in the background

This is a 'pull out swivel' corner cupboard

Under the sink - my U-shaped drawer - a good use of what is usually dead space - all thanks to a friend who has this arrangement in her kitchen.

The sink is also in now along with the taps .  The big one pulls out for spraying.

This is the other side of the galley and is a flap that folds down when not in use, but provides extra preparation area when needed.

 The 'larder pull out' cupboard - the racks are in this week.

The fridge/freezer is waiting to be installed.

The engine house waiting for the.....

Engine which should go in next week.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sixteenth Viewing - Friday 10th May

Back again yesterday for another peek and to discuss light fittings, curtains, upholstery and other such important matters.  So much to decide!  I am also having a 'fiddle around' with borders for the photos - it might all change by the next posting.  We did discuss dates as well and were told 'I am going on holiday on 8 June, so really want it done by then', so another little slip.  Will it be done by then - we shall see!  The engine was due to arrive later yesterday and will go in next week.  There is still a lot to do.

The larger of the two wardrobes with shelves at the back in the 'dead space'

 Tools of the trade on what will be our bed

 The shower tray is in with storage to the left for toilet rolls, bathroom sundries & made to measure for the  .......

....The spare 'liquid' container for the composting toilet commonly known as the 'wee pot'! 

These are the panels for inside the shower

The galley is coming along a great rate.  The sink will be under the window

The other side of the galley showing the work surface & the hole for the cooker

This is going to be a pull out larder.  It has been noted that they have sent white doors, but they should be cream and should also have integral handle at the top, so they are going back.  Apparently it should not take long to get the right ones, but we shall see.

The inside of the pull out larder - a bit hard to see, but it will have shelves and racks in due course

The galley looking from stern to bow

A lovely big cupboard that will house the washing machine and lots of other 'stuff''!

Progress seems to be steady and she is looking good.  We shall certainly be keeping a very close eye on things over the coming weeks, but we are very happy with everything so far and can feel the call of the cut.  Summer seems to have come and gone - we do hope it is not going to be a repeat of last year, but we have good waterproofs just in case!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fifteenth viewing - Saturday 4th May - We have rooms!

With our daughter and her two sons (G & J) aged nearly 5 and 18 months.  G was fascinated, but J was probably just bemused.  G wanted to know where his bed was going to be, so I think we have one crew member lined up.  The biggest downside of her being outside was how dusty she is. 

The floor is down, but only a small amount is visible from what will be the bedroom 

 One bedside table and part of the cross bed

This will be the toilet

We have frames on the windows 

and side hatch

The galley

Shore hook up

The Bow

From the other side of the cut