Thursday, 16 May 2013

Seventeenth Viewing

Back again to inspect the progress.  A couple of non boating friends came with us today and were very impressed.  We met the signwriter today, so have a little more idea where we are heading with that.  Progress is slow but steady, but we are not holding our breath for completion date.  She will be ready when she is ready.  Some things you just cannot rush.

Bow and stern steps are in and have storage 

 Cupboard between bedroom and bathroom

 The shower is in as is the basin, but I forgot to take a photo of the latter - you can just see a bit of it at the bottom left of the picture

 The composting loo!  I asked today if we could have a small cupboard in the corner to keep a spare loo roll and most importantly - the coffee filter paper.  The answer was ' we will see what we can do'.

The sink side of the galley - we have not gone mad and chosen blue cupboards - they are cream, but with protective film at present. The stern steps are visible in the background

This is a 'pull out swivel' corner cupboard

Under the sink - my U-shaped drawer - a good use of what is usually dead space - all thanks to a friend who has this arrangement in her kitchen.

The sink is also in now along with the taps .  The big one pulls out for spraying.

This is the other side of the galley and is a flap that folds down when not in use, but provides extra preparation area when needed.

 The 'larder pull out' cupboard - the racks are in this week.

The fridge/freezer is waiting to be installed.

The engine house waiting for the.....

Engine which should go in next week.

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