Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fifteenth viewing - Saturday 4th May - We have rooms!

With our daughter and her two sons (G & J) aged nearly 5 and 18 months.  G was fascinated, but J was probably just bemused.  G wanted to know where his bed was going to be, so I think we have one crew member lined up.  The biggest downside of her being outside was how dusty she is. 

The floor is down, but only a small amount is visible from what will be the bedroom 

 One bedside table and part of the cross bed

This will be the toilet

We have frames on the windows 

and side hatch

The galley

Shore hook up

The Bow

From the other side of the cut


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  1. Wow Jennie, she is really coming along nicely!!, cant believe the progress that's been made in the last few weeks!!

    She looks so refined in her new coat of paint and she now has rooms too, very nice!!