Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sixteenth Viewing - Friday 10th May

Back again yesterday for another peek and to discuss light fittings, curtains, upholstery and other such important matters.  So much to decide!  I am also having a 'fiddle around' with borders for the photos - it might all change by the next posting.  We did discuss dates as well and were told 'I am going on holiday on 8 June, so really want it done by then', so another little slip.  Will it be done by then - we shall see!  The engine was due to arrive later yesterday and will go in next week.  There is still a lot to do.

The larger of the two wardrobes with shelves at the back in the 'dead space'

 Tools of the trade on what will be our bed

 The shower tray is in with storage to the left for toilet rolls, bathroom sundries & made to measure for the  .......

....The spare 'liquid' container for the composting toilet commonly known as the 'wee pot'! 

These are the panels for inside the shower

The galley is coming along a great rate.  The sink will be under the window

The other side of the galley showing the work surface & the hole for the cooker

This is going to be a pull out larder.  It has been noted that they have sent white doors, but they should be cream and should also have integral handle at the top, so they are going back.  Apparently it should not take long to get the right ones, but we shall see.

The inside of the pull out larder - a bit hard to see, but it will have shelves and racks in due course

The galley looking from stern to bow

A lovely big cupboard that will house the washing machine and lots of other 'stuff''!

Progress seems to be steady and she is looking good.  We shall certainly be keeping a very close eye on things over the coming weeks, but we are very happy with everything so far and can feel the call of the cut.  Summer seems to have come and gone - we do hope it is not going to be a repeat of last year, but we have good waterproofs just in case!


Pam Swadling said...

It's all looking good Jennie. I'm sure you won't be worried what the weather is like once you get out in her.

Jackie said...

all looking fabulous... so exciting :) xx