Monday, 29 April 2013

Thirteenth Viewing - The launch!

The day we have been waiting for finally came - launch day and they waited unitl we arrived to launch her.  What excitement and I am delighted to say all went very well.  There are many photos this week and a link to a You Tube Video of the launch.  It was a very special day.

I am not sure why the link does not work, but if you copy and paste it will take you to the right place.

We got our first view of her with no 'wrapping paper' and she is looking good.  She will eventually have a cream roof and teal coachlines - the final paint will be done in the painting shed (beside her as she launched).

Such shiny paint - I really do not want to be the first to add a scratch!

The stern is looking pretty good and the tiller is in place this week

We hope this is the last we see of this (an anode) for a good long while.  Strangely enough our previous Border Collie was call Duffy, so maybe this should have been MG MONT!

The rudder had to be wedged to stop it jumping out when the stern hits the canal bottom

A very sophisticated 'bung' was put in the exhaust to stop the water going in.

Back to the bow - preparing her for launch

Is everything set?

This is where she is heading for

Stern first

Back to the bow - all push together

There she goes
Safely afloat 

'The boss' & I watching from a safe distance.  There was a goodly wave as she splashed down
Off to the other side of the canal

Nearly there

She made it

The second boat to pass her.  The first is shown on the video of the launch

Coming back across the cut

Mind that boat

Please don't scratch her

Nearly there

Safely moored

Now to inside - there is no doubt who made her

First coat of varnish is on and most of the ceiling tongue and groove is up

The side hatch

The tools are back on board.  The odd coloured side panel will be behind the galley.

The bow doors

The fan for the composting toilet

The solar fan for the composting toilet

We even have a TV aerial

All tied up

The hospital silencer in place

The engine will be in here

The weed hatch

It was a really exciting experience and we are so lucky that we live so close to the build that we have been able to watch and share so much of the build. There is still a long way to go.  The mid May date is already the end of May, but we are not holding our collective breathes.  We have made most of the decisions regarding the interior, so fingers crossed it is not too long before we are on the cut.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Twelfth Viewing

Monday 22nd April

Back again with some friends to see how things are going.  Not a great deal more than last time as there was really only one working day since our last visit.  However, progress is being made.  

Most of the ceiling tongue and groove is up. 

There are pipes and 

wires all over the place 

We have a propellor

  and the tiller had just been painted

 The stern is looking good - now I wonder if it is too late to ask for and extra shelf in the cupboard?  I might give it a go....
 .  . 
Hospital Silencer

 We are now talking the end of May for completion, but we are quite prepared for further slippage - we just hope not too much!

It was lovely to be able to share the moments with friends.  The first of many we hope.  Apparently launch may be next week and then the engine will be fitted.  We shall see.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Unplanned Eleventh Viewing

Today we headed off to Hilmorton (The Canal Shop) to collect the composting Airhead toilet, spare urine container, desicant and a solar powered fan that Bob had ordered for us.  First we went to Midland Chandlers where we bought a life jacket each and a few other bits and bobs.  A few other bits were bought at The Canal Shop!  This was our first 'boat' shop, so I think we have been fairly patient.  Once the toilet was loaded in the car we took Monty for a walk along the canal, had lunch in the Pub and then headed for Stoke Prior to hand over the toilet.  Whilst there we just had to have a look!

This is Airhead toilet

Still all wrapped up - with battery box leaning on the side

The ash panels are going up

A few ceiling panels are in place

I hope they tidy up before they finish!

More panels and loads of wires

Lots of metal

Doors and things

The fabric samples had arrived at Pinders', so we were able to make a decision - the colour is brighter than it is in reality.  We are bringing the outside colours inside.

 And this will be the blinds and curtains - again the colour is not exact

The cupboard doors will be plain and cream (this example is white)

This is one of the ash doors that has been varnished

The colour here is not good, but it gives some idea of what the work tops will be

 Next visit is on Monday 22 April and it is likely that launch will be sometime next week. We could potentially be looking at another 5 weeks before she is ours and we have a lot to do!  We are still not counting our chickens or holding our breath.