Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Twenty-First Visit - a sudden burst of energy!

Chris and I went back again today for a quick look and found there has been a sudden burst of energy and a lot of changes have been made.  I am sure that a lot of what has been going on over the last couple of weeks is just things we could not see.  Are we feeling a bit more optomistic about a finish date - well maybe just a little.  Time will tell.  Bob was out of the office today, so we are going back on Friday to see him before he goes on holiday.

The painting is underway

The roof is cream under the masking paper

There are coachlines

and the handrail is teal

This will be one half of the dinette table that can also be brought out to the bow for al fresco eating
 This is another cupboard in the bedroom just inside the bow doors

The cupboards above the bed are up

Both have a shelf

This is the cupboard that will hold the spare liquid container for the composting loo

Once the lid is shut it will certainly be out of sight!

The interior of the little cupboard in the toilet for spare loo rolls and coffee filter papers

The towel rail
 The duct for the composting toilet has been boxed in

and it is all connected up

The stove and fireplace - we are very happy with our choice of tiles
 I have added this one as well as I think the tile border shows up better

 The TV cabinet and bookshelves are in

This is where the TV will be - another thing out of sight

The dinette still awaiting upholstery

Pulled out to make a bed

 With lots of storage underneath

A very important cupboard which is nearly all connected

 The 'wet' locker with radiator - just inside the stern doors

  The engine is almost all connected

Lots of very neat wires

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  1. WOW Jennie cant believe how much its come on since my last visit. Looks great you must all be so exicited hope the rest goes according to plan.