Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Now there's a thing!

Firstly may I wish you all a very Happy New Year.  We started the year in style with Sue and Ken (nb Cleddau) and Jaq.  There was mixed emotions as we knew it would be our goodbye to Jaq.  She should be safely back in the USA and we both wish her all the best for the future.  She will be sorely missed.

Due to a lot of redecoration our filing cabinet has been emptied and masses of 'stuff' has made its way to our local tip to be recycled.  We have taken three dustbin bags full of shredded paper and a very full large Ikea bag of other waste paper to the tip.  Why oh why do we keep so much?!!

Anyway I digress.  Whilst all the paperwork is at hand I have been updating a spreadsheet with all sorts of details that will make life easier for the one of us who survives the longest, or the children if, in the unlikely event, we go together.  Details of nb Tentatrice have been amended - licence, insurance, winterising, marina info and finally Crafted Boats (formerly JH Pinder and Sons) where she was made as I know they would help with any jobs that need doing and may well help sell her.  I popped onto their website to check the address and lo and behold of the five photos, four of them are of our boat!

Have a look here - the top right is not us!

The decoration has finished, the old furniture has gone to a local charity, the carpets came this morning, Ikea came this afternoon and one bed is due tomorrow.  Chris is busy 'building' and then I can start to put things away and restore some sort of normality to the house which is pretty chaotic at present! 

Our deadline is 16th February when the grandchildren are coming for half term.  We probably should have done this a while back - we have been here 7.5 years and just put furniture where it would fit from our old house, but it just took us a while to get round to it!  It has certainly been full on since mid November, but will be worth the effort when it is done.

Right back to the files - the old cabinet was foolscap and the new one is A4 so all the suspension files need to be changed!