Thursday, 26 August 2021

At last it has all gone!

The last of the 'stuff' from the boat that we, family and friends did not want was packed up and taken to our local hospice shop on Tuesday.  What a relief to get our conservatory back!  It has gone to a good cause and I hope they make a bit of money from it all.

The only things we have left are two canal plaques - one for the Oxford Canal and the other from Chirk Aqueduct.  Are there any collectors out there who might be interested.  We don't want money for them - but just would like them to go to a good home.  If you are interested just leave a comment with contact details (I won't publish the comment, so they will remain safe).  NB The Chirk plaque has been spoken for.

I am still struggling with both knees, but we are still here and plodding (literally) on.  We find enough to do to keep ourselves busy and we have a special event coming up this weekend... more of that will follow in due course.  

Monday, 2 August 2021


 Monday 2nd August 2021

We certainly cannot complain about the speed of our sale.  She went on the market with New & Used Boats on Wednesday 21st July.  On Saturday 24th we got an offer which we accepted.  So here we are just 10 days later and everything is done and dusted, the money is in the bank and we met the new owners in the marina this morning to hand over Tentatrice.  

David and Deborah have been out on a boat at least once a year since they got married 35 years ago and they have owned their current 42 foot boat for 12 years.  The time has come for them where they want a bigger boat and will go off further afield.  I know we probably shouldn't care what happens to Tentatrice now she is no longer ours, but we do and we are so glad to know that she has gone to a couple who will love her and look after her in the same way we did.  

David and Deborah's mooring is in Kinver.  They sailed to Hanbury Wharf in their old boat arriving yesterday.  This morning they walked across to Droitwich Spa Marina and were there when we arrived.  We have a granddaughter with us at present and once we had 'handed over' (ie gone through the general workings of the boat etc and answered their questions) David and Deborah were kind enough to allow Evelyn, Monty and I to travel to the top of Hanbury locks on Tentatrice.

Just a few photos of our final trip and David, Deborah and Tess's (Cockerpoo aged one) first trip on Tentatrice.

Tracey (our next door but one neighbour) was there to wave us off.  We will miss seeing her, Jo and boat dog Shackleton, but we will, I am sure, keep in touch.  

Into Hanbury bottom lock

Monty and I got off as the boat got to the top of the lock - Monty was not at all bothered about other people and a 'strange' dog being on 'his' boat!

Tess is not quite tall enough to peer right over the top

There was a boat waiting to come down, so Evelyn had a 'lock mate'.

Last locking duties for Monty

Deborah and Evelyn waiting for the side pound to empty

The top lock plus volunteer lock keeper and Chris arriving with milk for the new Tentatrice crew

Another boat coming down so Deborah joined David on the back deck for the top lock.

Monty reunited with his master and the other VLK

Only three locks today and he still had a lie down on the job,

Evelyn putting her back into the last paddle to be wound up

Tess has found  a good look out point

They are off

Through Hanbury Junction 

And away

We walked to Hanbury Wharf to help them moor up against their old boat Rumah Kita (our home in Malay)

They will certainly have more room now!

We waved farewell as they were already transferring their belongings on to their new boat.  They are aiming to be down on the Severn tonight, so a long day ahead.  It is, at least, dry and warm and I hope it stays that way for them.  Rumah Kita is staying for New & Used to sell for them.  I cannot fault the brokerage - they made the whole process very easy and I would recommend their services is anyone is in need of a broker.  

We wish David and Deborah many happy years and a lot of great adventures on Tentatrice.  If you see the boat, do wave and say hello.  The name may change, possibly to 'Rumah Kita II' - that is a decision they will make in the fullness of time.  The colours and scroll work make her fairly easy to spot, whatever her name is.  We know Tentatrice is in good hands.  

Our final stats are:

3942 miles

3664 locks

240 swing bridges

135 tunnels

I may well pop in every now and then when something special occurs and I will certainly keep reading the blogs that I follow.  The next big event for us is the end of this month....

Until then I will say Au Revoir and if anyone is down this way please give us a shout - we are always ready for a cuppa/ pub lunch etc.