Monday, 1 July 2013

The Acceptance Cruise!

At last Tentatrice is really ours!  I went off for a ladies weekend last Thursday and returned yesterday evening.  Chris did go across to the boat yard on Friday for his 'Technical Briefing' with Bob.  No photos were taken though - they were busy with the last cleaning after the final varnishing was done on Thursday.

Before I go any further I have to warn you that there are far more pictures and words than ever before and, I hope, than there ever will be again, but it was a rather momentous day, so please bear with me.

We were up early this morning and collected a few bits and bobs together before we drove to Droitwich Spa Marina in two cars.  One was left there and we headed back to the boatyard where after a very quick walk along the tow path to 'defuse' Monty and to take some shots of Tentatrice from that side, we were able to go ahead with the hand over.

From this:

To this from 31 Jan to 01 Jul 2013!

A few last bits had been done.

 The final version of the cratch board - much better in our opinion

Blinds that fit!

Into the Saloon

What a wonderful suprise and even colour co-ordinated

Glass window for the side hatch

Clean and tidy sink

and hob areas

Monty has found his bed

Pole plank and boat hook 

 A few bits and bobs for today's trip

 Before we set off the 'work force' joined us to toast the boat - we had not realised just how many there were tucked away behind the scenes!

Tentatrice had to have her share as well.  Thankfully the hose was still out from her wash and brush up this morning, so all traces were washed away to avoid stickiness.

At last we are off!  Bob came with us which was a great help as well as being part of the 'acceptance cruise'

Monty has found his perch, but is not a hundred percent happy.

Tentatrice's first lock - Astwood Top Lock

Monty is a good supervisor

This is such a pretty garden at the fifth of the six Astwood Locks

Going into the lock - still with a supervisor ensuring it is done right

Maybe this boating lark is not too bad or has the stress just exhausted him?

Hanbury Top Lock - the little hut is the VLK's (Volunteer Lock Keepers) hut

We arrive at Droitwich Spa Marina

 Our berth

Plenty of manoeuvring space!  No boats to bang into!

Monty is still ensuring it is done correctly - we are nearly there

Fitting the Tonneau cover

Almost done

All tucked up for her first night away from the boat yard

It was tempting to have dinner on board and stay the night, but we were both too tired to find the bedding etc amongst the huge pile of 'stuff' that has to make it's way to Droitwich over the next couple of days.  So it was back home, a ready meal (we had thought ahead!), a bottle of wine and very soon we will be heading up the wooden hill.  We hope to be able to sleep on board on Thursday and head off round the Droitwich Ring on Friday.  Then it will be back to Stoke Prior for the oil change and general check up. 

To be honest it is hard to believe that this day has come.  The dream has been a long time in the planning.  Once we had decided to buy a new boat the search began to find a boat builder - not an easy decision, but we made the right choice for us.  We have a wonderful boat to our spec, that is designed to be used as much as possible.  A very big thank you to Bob Southerland and his team at JL Pinder & Son ( for being so patient and welcoming to us over the last 5 months and for building us our dream boat.  I am sure she has a couple of scratches already, but we are not looking!  Narrow boating is a 'contact sport' and we will  have paint to touch up as necessary.

So please wish us well as we embark on a many long trips over the coming years.  If you see us on the cut, please say hello!  We have a kettle - no tea pot yet, but plenty of tea bags, coffee, sugar (very necessary for a composting loo!) and mugs!


  1. Looks fabulous Jennie the colours..It's great to think you have a dream come true xBABS

  2. Congratulations..... At last! It's been interesting reading about the build and now we can look forward to reading about the cruising!

  3. Jennie the boat looks lovely. Congratulations on getting your dream boat and may you, Chris & Monty have lots of good times on her. Cally xx

  4. Wow Jennie Tentatrice looks amazing! You had the you can live that dream. I hope you have many happy times on the cut and make lots of happy memories. Jackiep. xx

  5. Brilliant pictures Jennie I too love your choice of colours and what an amazing journey you have shared with us. I hope you Chris and Monty have many safe and happy times on Tntatrice.Keep Safe

  6. Have loved following your build, now for the adventure! I love everything about your boat - i love the name and the colour and your furnishings are fab, I look forword to reading about your many boating expeariences!

    Carole x