Sunday, 14 July 2013

The kindness of dog walkers

Tuesday 9th July

4 locks, 3 swing bridges, 2 miles

A lieusurely start today as it was just a short journey.  The trip through Vine Park (with Waitrose on the other side of the main road) is a pleasant one despite the vagaries of the three swing bridges.


A BWB key is required (what a good job we went back to the marina to get our working key).  The first one opened and swung easily enough, but just would not close.  A man with a dog came to my rescue as he knew that you have to push the gate really firmly to be able to get the padlock back on.  Onto number two - the only way I could get the padlock open and then shut was to jump down into the well and then clamber out - not very elegant I am sure!  The third one opened okay, but it was very difficult to get the key out once the padlock had shut - another dog walker stopped to help.  So, thanks to both of those kind men, we were on our way out of Droitwich.

There is a lot of building going on as you head out of town including the start of some McCarthy Stone Assisted Living Apartments.  They will back onto the canal and be a very pleasant stroll along the tow path into the town centre - I can think of worse places live, but not for many years I hope!

Next came a lock and then the dreaded M5 motorway bridge.  We just snuck under and it was not quite as bad as we had feared.  It is, however, very low!

We just snuck under

View from the other side

If the water is any higher than this we will not make it.
Up the staircase locks, passed the playground

 and back 'home' to Droitwich Spa Marina.
Once we were safely moored, cleaned up, engine etc sorted, the car was loaded and off we headed for home via Pinders - the bow thruster stop working on one side today.  They are sending someone down on Thursday at 9am to fix (we hope) it.  The journey that took 7.5 minutes by taxi took 2 hours by boat!

There will not be much boat moving for a while as we are having major things done at home, so we have a lot of 'stuff' to move around before they start on 22 July.  A few family and friends outings between now and the end of August and then we hope to be off to Llangollen.

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  1. Hm - I remember that second bridge. I did the jumping down into the well thing but just didn't have enough reach to manage it solo, so the Captain intervened, we swapped places and he did battle with the next bridge too!
    We look forward to seeing Tentatrice moving on the water - somewhere!