Saturday, 22 June 2013

29th Viewing & Monty's second boat experience

On Thursday 20th June we met our friends (Captain and Boatwif from nb Cleddau) at Droitwich Marina to travel to Tardebigge top lock over three days.  Monty had his first taste of narrow boat life when Graham and Brenda from nb Jannock gave us a day out at Foxton in September.  This time he had to take his bed for an overnight stay.

If you want to read the details of the trip please go and check out Boatwif's blog ( who will give a far better account than I ever could.  All I will say is that we did it in two days rather than three which was inspired as we had sun and dry weather going up the 30 Tardebigge locks yesterday.  Had we left it until today we would have got very wet and very cold.  Monty did well - very hesitant to start with and had to be picked up and placed on board, but by the end of the trip he was even coping with the gang plank.  He is a typical Border Collie - everything is viewed with great suspicion until he knows he can do it, then it is okay.  The lifejacket proved to be more of a hindrance than a help and was useless when he was off the boat as it swivelled round - he needs to put on a few more pounds (I wish I could say the same!), so it will be consigned to storage on Tentatrice to be used for rivers and maybe The Wash one day?

What we did on day two was stop at Pinder's for the Captain to pick up the chimney cap he had ordered and for Boatwif and I to go and take a look at Tentatrice.  They are down to the bits and bobs and a lot of cleaning.  The mattress is on board and the blue protective covering has been taken off the galley cupboards.  I also noted that I have the extra shelf in the stern cupboard that I had asked for.

Cleddau and Tentatrice almost nose to nose for the first time and hopefully not the last

I am sure the second shelf will be vital

As we were leaving we noticed the start of the outside cleaning

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