Tuesday, 30 July 2013

There and Back - again (again)!

Monday 29th July
Droitwich Spa Marina to Netherwich Basin, Droitwich and back
8 locks, 6 swing bridges, 4 miles

Another day of escape from the chaos that is our home!  This time with an ex-colleague of Chris's and her husband (Kathryn and Rob).  We were lucky with the weather - just a few spots of rain on a couple of occasions, so although the waterproofs were issued they were not required for long!  This really is a very good day trip for us - including lunch in the pub you are looking at around 6 hours and with so much going on in such a short distance there is no chance of anyone being bored!!  In fact, a bit more just cruising might be nice!!  It was a first for Kathryn and Rob and as they left they were discussing who they could rope in for a narrow boat holiday of their own!!  More converts I think and I do hope they will be back for more.  We really enjoyed the day and their company.

It was very light duties for me - two very willing assistants!

Another snippet about Droitwich Spa - the church is St Augustine's parts of which date back to the early 13th century.  Having just done a quick google (http://www.droitwichparish.org.uk/about/augustine.html), I think it will be worth a visit one day.  For now please notice how black the tower is - years of salt extraction work in the area are to blame.

Reversing in to the basin for our lunch stop over at the Garndener's Arms

I said in my last blog that the swing bridges get easier each time we go through them - I didn't even have to get off the boat on the return journey!  Thank you!
 and I got my first view of Vine Park and the play area from the water.

If Monty leans out much further to supervise those on land he will be in the drink!  This is a permanent view on Tentatrice - he likes to ensure we do everything correctly.

Back to our mooring and Monty is supervising the checking of the bilges

Monty watching his new friends (red arrow marks the spot) head for home.  

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