Saturday, 6 July 2013

Victualling & First Night Aboard

Tuesday 2 Jul to Friday 5 July

Several journeys were made from home to Droitwich Spa Marina and a lot of 'stuff' has made it's way on board and found new homes.  Whether we can remember where things are is another matter altogether! At present we have loads of storage space left, but how long will that be the case is anyone's guess.

Our first night on board was Friday 5 July.

Ready for our first dinner - not very special - just cassolet and jacket potato prepared at home!  This I promise is the first and last time I will itemise what we had for dinner!  I hope I am forgiven for the first meal afloat?!

Monty has a real aversion to any form of stick - I had the mop out!
Droitwich Spa Marina is very well appointed. The showers are excellent with heated mirrors that do not mist up.  The ladies loo has a hairdryer and even provides hair straighteners! They even have a dog shower!

We may give it a go if we can ever persuade Monty to go inside

Outside the loos and showers they have dog mooring rings

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