Sunday, 7 July 2013

Grounding and Scratching

Yet another gloriously hot (dare I say too hot?) day dawned and we set off early to try and beat the worst of the heat.

Today's trip was from Tibberton to The Commandery in Worcester.  Nothing much of note apart from an incredibly low pound (we reckon it was about 18" down) from Tolladine to Blackpole locks.  We grounded completely twice and had to deploy the pole both times as we bumped and scraped all the way along the pound.  We phoned C&RT, but sadly the promised return call never came.

 They breed clever youngsters round here - if this notice is not for the cygnets and ducklings to adhere to I cannot see it is of much use - anyone know how to stop young birds going over a weir?!

Or maybe it is the gygnets we have to stop?

A polite request was made to the young lass on the right to get up and shut the gate for me.  I am going to show my age now - the other one was on the phone and oh dear, the language was awful - so sad from one so young and pretty.

The bridge just before Lowesmoor Marina - note the extra hole - anyone know why?  We did go into the marina (for water) and I am glad to say made a more elegant entrance than the last time we entered here many years ago on a hire boat - a fisherman was right in the way and we could not wind, so ended up reversing in.  It is not the easiest of places to get in or out of and we did not seem very welcome at all.  To cap it all the tap was very slow, so I think we will give it a miss next time we pass this way.  Apparently the taps in Diglis Basin have good pressure - we will find out in the mornng.

It was hot enough for the 'twonk hat' to come out - note the little face (at the right hand side a little above the gunwhale) checking what is going on.

We moored at The Commandery at Worcester and headed off to wander round the basin and see if there was any chance of moorings on the river by the Racecourse.  We were told they were pretty full, so we have stayed put.

When we disembarked we found that the tree won the arguement we had with it when Chris was trying to get into the side for me to get off.  A trip to the garage and some polish has been purchased and I am glad to say it is looking much better now.  The first of many I am sure, but a bit of a shame on day 2!

On our walk to the Severn we saw this little hat - I am sure someone is really missing it on a day as hot as today.

So now I sit here quietly melting (we will bring a fan next time and a 'cool coat' for Monty has been ordered tonight) we can hear the Cathedral clock every quarter and every now and then Worcester's finest race along the high street testing out their blues and twos.  I wonder how much sleep we will get tonight before another early start in the morning?

5.5 miles, 13 locks, 5 hours


Les Biggs said...

Hi you two proud parents. Out with the baby soaking up the sun. What a life. Long may it last.
The extra hole is probably for the telephone wires that were a big feature on our canal system in years past.

Jennie said...

Thanks Les - certainly a lot of sun to soak up! Thanks also for the answer to my question - can you answer today's conundrum I wonder?