Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Twenty second and Twenty third visits - no going back

We were back again today, not once, but twice.  This morning we went to meet the sign writer (Graham Hopkins) to discuss what we wanted, where we wanted it and the colour scheme.  The name is now on, but work is still in progress - there are no shadows yet.  The colour is cream although it does look rather white in the photos.  This afternoon it was the turn of the upholsterer, so we could choose the material for the cratch and tonneau covers.  It gave us a chance to see how the sign writer was doing.  A point of some interest in regard to Graham - he got a phone call some time ago asking if he was available to paint a number on a front door.  He felt this was a slightly odd request as most people go to somewhere like B & Q or Homebase and purchase stick on or screw on numbers.  Was this a  particularly large door, so needing an outsize number? No just a very special number - 10 at a very speical address - Downing Street! So next time you see that door on the news you will know who painted the Number 10.

Whilst we were there we just had to go and see what changes had happened in 24 hours!  We have light in the shower

 and the wall lights are also wired up

Work in progress on the book case/TV cabinet - the drop down doors will be hinged to stop them hitting the floor

The main purpose of our visit - the signwriter - fascinating to watch him work and so skilled with such a steady hand.

 A full length view of the boat with Graham at work at the stern

Once back inside the office we discovered that the curtains, blinds and curtain tracks have all arrived along with the cushion covers.  I came across what I think is a good idea somewhere recently - instead of having a cushion pad inside the cushion cover, fold up a small blanket and you have a spare on board with no worries about storage space. I have yet to try and put our blanket inside the cover - I am just hoping it will fit,

The mattress is also in

and the anchor and what a neat one it is - neither of us have seen one like this and we are very impressed about how little storage space it will require.

We are hoping it never has to be depoloyed - it weighs the same and we have been assured it is as effective as the big ones we are used to.

The signwriters van

He was still there when we went back to see the upholsterer, so we just had to go and check how things were going

No changing our mind about the name now!


Kevin said...

Hi Jennie,
Now for a real testing question... which door did he paint the 10 on... the one on show or the one in the garden shed?
There are two front doors you see, one for show and one for spare...
How's that for really usless trivia? LOL

Jennie said...

Hi Kevin

Thank you for dropping by. Well I am really not sure and I am not sure that we will see him again, but I will let you know if we do find out. My guess is that it is the one for show - he did say it was very heavy if that gives you a clue?

Apologies if I should recognise who you are, but I don't! Are you from another boat blog?