Friday, 14 June 2013

25th & 26th Viewings - so near and yet not there.....yet

We visited yesterday with our friends the Captain and Boatwif from Cleddau (  They are down to the bits and bobs now, so progress looks slow, but we are getting there.

The cratch, headlight and horn are in up and working.

All doors now have catches in place

The flue is fully attached

The table leg fittings are fixed in place

The extra work surface flap's edges have been finised off.

The mircrowave is in

The cutlery drawer has it's insert

The cooker with the lid raised

The curtain rails are up

The port hole frames have been attached

We went back again today with our Brother in Law to find the engine running!  So quiet - it was a wonderful sound.

The porthole blinds are up, but....

they are too narrow!  Bob is away on holiday - this will need sorting when he is back next week as not only does it let light in round the edges it looks really bad.  Our first snag and hopefully the last.

The galley blinds are also up and ....

they fit!  The magnetic catches at the bottom work really well to hold them in place, but they will 'hang loose' over winter to try to help any damage from condensation

We are going back Monday afternoon and hope to have another update on a possible date, but I guess having to have the blinds re-done, might just delay things a bit more.


  1. Glad everything is coming together nicely Pippa bad luck about those blinds but I do so love the colour. Hope everything else goes to plan for you now.

  2. We passed the boat moored near the bottom of Stoke lock a few weeks ago, looks good.

  3. Thanks Andy - watch this space for some exciting news! Looking forward to meeting you on the cut one day.