Wednesday, 19 June 2013

28th Viewing - we have a date!

Back again and I am glad to say that Bob was back at work and that the bug had not ruined his holiday - not 100% fit, but well enough. He was in full agreement about the blinds for the portholes.  They were given the correct measurements (18" portholes), so the blinds should have been 22". For some obscure reason they made them 19".  So it is between Bob and the curtain company.  If there is going to be a big delay he will keep the wrong size for us, so we can manage without having to wait.

This means we have a date! The afternoon of Monday 1st July.  Please keep everything crossed for us that it really does happen then.  I am away from 27 June, returning on the morning of 1 July, so you won't see me for dust down the M42 as I head for home.  We are not planning any major trips between now and September as we are having a new kitchen and built and bedroom furniture fitted at home which starts on 22 July.  We will "pootle" about a bit and get the feel of her in early July. We are booked into Droitwich Marina and will be moving on board for the time it takes to do the kitchen and bedroom.  Probably a good way to find out what we need in the way of hooks etc and where whilst we are in a position to do something about it.  Come September - we are off!

The Cratch cover is in place

Non slip surface on the bow lockers

Blinds are up on the bow doors

Mattress insert for the bottom part of the bed

Shower door is on

Curtains are up

The upholstery has arrived

Very quickly put together as the 'spare bed'.  When it is done for real the back pieces have to come off, the cushions turned round and then the insert will fit properly.  There is room to store the insert under the dinette

A close up of the dinette material - we are really pleased with it as it adds the only splash of colour

The fridge freezer is no longer taking up space in the chandlery

Cooker without packing materials

It really feels as though it is all coming together.  Still little bits and pieces to do - some door catches, varnishing, cleaning and I am sure a load of other things, but the end is in sight.

Tomorrow we are off on the cut for the first time since last September with our friends The Captain and Boatwif from nb Cleddau ( If you read their blog we are the Relief Captain and First Mate (I know my place!).  They are in Droitwich Marina tonight and our daughter is dropping Chris, Monty and I over there in the morning and we are with them to get them to the top of Tardebigge by Saturday aftenoon.  I wonder how Monty will get on?  We shall see.  They are then coming home with us to help us celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary on Sunday along with our two children, their spouses, five grandchildren and a very close friend who lives in Spain - Bob has kindly said he will meet Lynn and I at the boatyard on Sunday morning so she can see our pride and joy.  Chris is going to have some time with Bob at the end of next week when I am away to go through all the technical stuff.  Am we excited - you bet we are!

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