Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What do you call a queue?

Tuesday 16th August 2016
Kinver to Greensforge Lock
4.5 miles, 6 locks

Another glorious day dawned, but we were slow off the mark - mainly because I did not move as quickly as usual! Just as we were untying the ropes this boat took off ahead of us.  We were only going up one lock and then stopping at the services to empty and fill as necessary, so no great problem.

There are still bridges at the bottom of all these locks and either very short arms or canted ones like these, but they are mostly very well balanced, so not as hard to move as they might look.

Whilst Chris was dealing with the emptying and filling I nipped into town for a paper and few supplies.  35 minutes later we were on our way, however, but so was everyone else!  At the next lock we were third in the queue - the boat immediately ahead of us was nb Escargot who we met continually for the rest of the day. Still the weather was fabulous and we were not in a hurry, so we hunkered down to wait our turn.  I was interested in people's turn of phrase to describe how busy it was - the ones proffered today were 'Piccalidilly Circus', 'Spaghetti Junction' and 'Clapham Junction'.

Just one very small tunnel at Dunsley today and lo and behold here comes another boat!

At Stewpony Wharf there is a restored octagonal toll house

Instead of the usual by-washes to regulate the water at locks most locks over the last couple of days have these rather attractive circular weirs

This canal continues to delight - so peaceful and pretty

Does anyone know if dogs can have an inbuilt fear of heights?  Monty will walk across these bridges if they have a rail at each side or if one side is against the wall and the other has a rail, but when one side is open as in the picture below at Rocky lock he will not entertain the idea and stays on the tow path side.

Just before bridge 36 there is a bungalow with an enormous garden.  It is immaculate and we reckon it would keep two full time gardeners in full employment, that or it is the householders passion.  The sign in the first picture requests that you do not moor opposite the bungalow - the devil in me makes me want to stop!!  However, we were not looking to moor, so carried on.

Our target for the day was Greensforge above the lock.  The garden in the lock cottage is a riot of colour with a bed of dahlias.  A flower that always makes us think of Chris' Mum.

So here we are moored just past the water point, but close enough for the hose to reach most of the boat, so we took the chance to wash the port side of the boat, so if you pass us we will look clean, but do not look at the other side - yet!

Opposite us is a C&RT Memorial garden, but it does not say who or what it is a memorial too.

The forecast is for another good day tomorrow

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