Monday, 22 August 2016

Hayward and other Junctions

Monday 22nd August 2016
Tixall Wide to somewhere between bridges 84 and 85
7.25 miles, 3 locks

After a wonderfully peaceful night at Tixall Wide we left this morning around 09:30.  Monty and I walked the half mile or so to the junction at Great Haywood.  A pleasant walk despite the obstacle course which was much easier for Monty (straight underneath) than it was for me!

First stop at the junction was the Anlgo Welsh base to get fuel - 108 litres at 65p a litre.  It took a while as the man was just about to have a coffee break when we arrived and then I think they forgot about us!  Still we were not in a hurry and put our kettle on.

Next it was turn left at the junction and stop to fill up with water and get rid of the rubbish.  Whilst Chris dealt with that I walked across the bridge to the fabulous farm shop,  What a joyful place to browse - such wonders on offer that I could have spent a fortune and we would then have ended up several pounds heavier!  I resisted all the really naughty things, but did come away with a few goodies.  It was the beef patties with a mushroom sauce in them that jumped into my shopping basket!  We will find out tonight if they were a good buy.  The verdict - sadly they were not as good as they looked

Then we were ready to go, but there were boats everywhere.  This one (there was another in front of him that had already past us) coming through the bridge

One behind going right down the Staffs and Worcs canal, plus three on the water point

There was so much going on that a comment was made it was 'busy enough to be Watford Junction' - another name to add to Clapham, Spaghetti Junctions and of course Piccadilly Circus to describe a busy waterway.

Behind the farm shop is a place to ' pick your own strawberries' - what a great idea to grow them on stands.  I am sure it helps with pest control as well as saving sore knees and aching backs!

Monty and I jumped ship again - this is the first 'jungle' towpath we have encountered this trip.  At this time of year they are relatively dry and thankfully they do deter cyclists.

After so much going on at the junction the wide open countryside is much appreciated.

This looks like Diana to us - who ever it is he is a talented man.

Monty was confined to the boat for Weston Lock as this family were taking a lunch break right by the top gate.  We followed suit and tied up for lunch just after we had passed through Weston before pushing on and going through Sandon Lock.

Not a job either of us would want to do and I am glad to say that he stopped as we went past, so we were not covered in grass cuttings and dust.  Just look at the state of his overalls.

And here we are moored in the middle of nowhere - the only other boat is a good way off

These are the neighbours

And this the view from the side hatch. Mind you it is too wet to enjoy the view.

The downside to this mooring today - the freshly cut grass does not mix well with heavy rain!

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