Wednesday, 10 August 2016

We are off!

Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th August 2016
Droitwich Spa Marina to Worcester Racecourse Moorings
8.75 miles, 9 locks

Firstly what have we been up to since I last posted in June?  Three weeks on this beast on the Canal du Midi affectionately known as Winnie.

And two weeks in this wonderful house in Bize Minervois (about an hour by car east of Carcassonne)

With this amazing terrace where we spent a lot of time

People watching as they were having fun in the River Cesse.  Did we  venture in?  Well you will have to wait to find out!  We had no internet, hence no blog.  It is mostly written, however it will not be published until the winter - possibly after Christmas.

6 days after we got home we attended a wedding - proof that we are not always scruffy haddocks and we can scrub up reasonably well when the occasion requires it.

 The day after that we had a 'Boys Birthday BBQ' at our house.  We have three 'boys' birthdays in July - our son who was 40 (how did that happen?)

His son, Noah, 9

And our daughter's son, George, 8

I had hired a garden jenga set which was very popular.  The youngest (Jamie 4.5) was a little nervous after it almost all fell over him.  It certainly kept everyone else amused for quite a long time.

Before we ate the children went and dug out the dressing up clothes.  This is Molly wearing most of an outfit that Chris wore a few years ago as a Dame in a Christmas performance at his place of work. The scariest thing was how much Molly looks like her Grandpa and he like his Mother and sister!

Evelyn dug out the Andy Pandy outfit I made when her father was about 3 along with a mortar board and wig worn for a Murder Mystery party.

Mark's 'Teddy' is the daughter of the Cleddau crew.  The Andy Pandy suit was a white sheet dyed blue with many many yards of white tape sewn on!
 A very good day and we do so value all of us being together.

And so to our summer cruise on nb Tentatrice.  We were due to head to Netherwich Basin, Droitwich on Tuesday, however we could not leave until the windscreen on our car had been repaired.  We picked up a chip on the journey down to France on 16th July and Tuesday was the only day they could repair it.  We had spent Monday night on the boat and headed home Tuesday morning, stopping at Morrisons for a few supplies.  However when we got there everyone was outside.  Why we wondered?

Sirens were heard in the distance and then the fire brigade arrived.  We did not wait, but when we went back later that day all was well, so we assume it was something and nothing.

We left the marina around 16:30 on Tuesday. Monty soon resumed his usual place.

And we were moored around 1.75 hours later.

We are not sure what happened to the boat next to us, but it is not going anywhere anytime soon.  We don't think it is the boat that sank in the staircase lock recently as that had a name, but it is in a very sad state.  The boat that sank was removed from the lock the next day and taken to Droitwich Spa Marina and we think we saw a low loader heading that way to (we assumed) take it away for examination.  It was all so very sad as the poor man really should not have died as he had rescued his Mum and dog, but went back in to get something (we think some money) and got trapped.

Wednesday morning our friend Thalia arrived from Bromsgrove by bus to join us on the trip to Worcester along the Barge Canal which is very pretty and serene.  The reeds do obscure the view for a lot of the way, but it is still a route worth taking.

There is a rather splendid bridge at Salwarpe and a very sharp bend.

A very good looking house at the first of the Ladywood locks

An extra pair of hands is always welcome.

At lock 5 you need a BWB key to get into the gate in the background to allow access to the lock

At lock 4 we spotted this boat on the lock landing!  A boat coming up commented on it and we did say we would go and give it words of kindly advice!  His comment was 'I look forward to reading it on your blog tonight'!  I did not note the boat name, but if you do read our blog please let me know who you are!  I did go down there and call out 'Hello' and then 'Hello is anyone there', but was met by silence.  By the time we had gone down the lock they had moved off.  We were very close behind them and we were surprised when we got to the next lock to see them in it, with the gates closed with no thought about sharing the lock!

It was at the Haworth moorings where we had hoped to stop for lunch.  It looked hopeless, but this boat spotted us and indicated he was about to move off, so in we went. Thank you!

Lunch over it was time to 'dress' for the river.

At the lock landing after the Hawford Lock as you enter the river it is obvious how high the water goes on a fairly regular basis.  Thalia is 5'3", so well over 6 foot higher than it was today.

Just one lock at Bevere

And a small flotilla of ribs which all slowed down to a very sensible speed unlike those on the Thames!

And we were soon approaching Worcester

A good mooring by the racecourse was secured.  We went to the car park to get our 'parking ticket' and Thalia made her way to the bus stop to get the bus home to Bromsgrove.  A great day, thank you for your company and muscle power!

The evening entertainment - many rowers and one dragon boat who all waved madly when they say me taking a photo!

Many swans including these two swans who must have found something very tasty in those bushes.

And finally - how is this for a trustworthy lad - Chris' sandwich and my salad all within easy reach, but quite safe even though we were both out of his line of sight!  I hasten to add that he was removed back onto the floor before we started our meal, but it is so good to know that our food is always safe however close to his nose it is!


Mike said...

It was me who said I'd read it on your blog and we do read your blog, as technology allows, and follow your travels with interest. We moor 3 up from you at Droitwich so consider ourselves neighbours :-).

Mike and Alison

Jennie said...

Hi Mike, Well how unobservant of us, but neither of us clocked the boat name! Too busy doing other things! We think we are actually next door but one to you and next time we are there (if things go to plan it will be Oct time) and you are about we will come and say hello. I have found your blog and will follow you with interest. We are fascinated by the trams you drive - where are they? Cheers Jennie & Chris

Mike said...

Unfortunately we don't get to cruise as much as we would like so the blog has to be multifaceted. Glad you like it, I wish I had as much time to spend on it as I should, often it's rushed but maybe one day.....
We really enjoyed following you down the Bristol channel and on the K&A last year. Keep up the lovely blogs :-)
The trams are at the National Tramway Museum in Crich, Derbyshire.
If I'm lucky I get 7 or 8 days duty a year but the six week summer holiday is reserved for Magpie II and cricket.

Mike and Alison.