Friday, 12 August 2016

So where are we now?

Thursday 11th to Friday 12th August 2016
Worcester Racecourse to Diglis Basin and back again
2 miles, 4 locks

Sadly we are back almost where we were when I last posted.

We woke on Thursday morning to find that there was a problem with our domestic batteries - they were at rock bottom and lights were flashing.  A call to Crafted Boats (Pinders as was) and four batteries were ordered and they said they would come and sort things out for us as soon as possible, but we needed to be up in Diglis Basin.  Off we set on Thursday morning along the river with this wonderful view of the Cathedral.

To the locks at Diglis with this great view looking back the way we had come.

In the lock we met up with the boat on the lock landing yesterday - they were a Dutch family and a very nice family.

We went and used the services to empty and fill as required.  Whilst there there was a shout from two boats ahead of us - a young girl had fallen in.  No damage was done apart from to her dignity.  We pulled back round the corner from the service area to what is or was a disabled mooring, but there are no signs and we had been told we would be okay by the Marina office.  We went for a walk into town for a few provisions and met our C&RT manager en route who confirmed we would be fine to stay where we were in the circumstances.

Pat from Crafted Boats arrived about 09:30 and the diagnosis was that we did indeed need four new batteries.  A bit of an ouch to the pocket, but needs must and at least it happened whilst we were near enough for them to sort it out for us.  Monty and I left Pat and Chris to it and went for a lovely long walk - first to Diglis lock, then over Diglis Bridge where we turned left and went along the Severn Way for a while.  As we returned Pat was leaving, so we then set off back down on to the river.

There was a very helpful VLK (voluntary lock keeper) on duty and we shared the locks down with another boat.

This is Chris turning left from the locks to collect Monty and I on the pontoon.  Just look at that sky - it was good to have warm weather back again and to be able to discard the trousers, socks and shoes in favour of shorts/skirts and sandals.

After lunch, Chris and I headed off back into Worcester for a look round before getting a few more supplies.  We went past this pub and assumed it had been a jail in it's past.  We were wrong - this is what I found on their website - 'Rectifying (or rectification) refers to the purification of spirits to produce a high concentration of alcohol. The Old Rectifying House name comes from the fact that the rear of the building was part of the Williams distillery. The main part of the distillery was across the river at the bottom of Tybridge Street. The inn was always in flood’s way and every year the beer casks had to be rescued and placed above flood level, while provisions had to be supplied by boat and taken in by way of the upstairs windows. Some traditions live on…'

Now this looks like fun, but I think we are a couple of years over the age limit!

We were heading for the Cathedral

The last time we were here the inside looked very different - this was last year when we attended our daughter's MSc graduation

 Today without the chairs and people it looked even bigger and more magnificent.  I must add here that I was a good girl and went and purchased a photo permit before taking these shots.

The chairs are all neatly stacked for when they are required.

 This is the biggest font I have ever seen - sadly not used a great deal today as it is tucked away at the back of the Cathedral, so they use silver bowls at the altar as most children are baptised at services where there are many people attending.

There is a truly magnificent pulpit

The carving deserves a close up

An altar to wonder at 
King John is buried here as he requested in his will.

 There are new modern organ pipes that were in use when we visited - we are not sure if these are ever used.

 We did a little shopping on the way back to the boat and then Monty and I left Chris busy with needle and thread to mend  a tear in the cratch cover whilst we went to explore Monty heaven - a whole race course!  What more could a dog want.

So tomorrow we go back to the plan and head for Stourport on Severn to continue up north to meet nb Cleddau at Hurleston Junction in September.  An unplanned and expensive stop, but we have enjoyed our time in Worcester and we will be back.


  1. Does Monty have hopes of growing tall enough to jump the fences and win the 3.15.
    Hope your both well.
    Les x

    1. He would probably give it a good go, Les! Jennie xx