Monday, 18 April 2016

What a difference a day makes

Sunday 17th April 2016

Lowsonford to Lapworth
2.75 miles, 14 locks

From snow yesterday to a bright blue sky as we set off this morning.

As we passed a mooring below lock 28 that we had on the way down we noticed the mobile home is still there, so maybe not wild camping, but winter 'mooring'?

We only met a couple of boats on the way up to the sanitation station at Lapworth - the first one at the  lock by the M40

What better sight to gladden the eye and lift the spirits than a field of sheep with young lambs. These four were having a wonderful time gambolling as only lambs can.  They even chased along the field edge as the boat went past.  Chris is used to being 'herded' by a Border Collie, but not by lambs! They really were a joy to watch.

The first part of our journey took us up 9 locks where we planned to stop to fill the water tank and use the elsan disposal for the liquid contents of our composting toilet.  We were in the last lock and it was nearly full when this boat came round the corner to moor up to use the tap!  Chris went and had a shower to empty our tank a bit more until it was our turn.  Once we were hooked up to the water tap I went off to the local shop to get the Sunday paper.

These two had been confined to base whilst I was away and were watching out for my return.

It is a slow tap, so by the time we finished it had taken an hour.  Another 5 locks and we moored up below lock 14.  I reckon I walked 4-5 miles today and worked 13 of the 14 locks.  It was a very quiet afternoon!!

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