Monday, 25 April 2016

Many Hands Really Do Make Light Work

Friday 22nd April 2016

Tardebigge to Stoke Pound
2.25 miles, 30 locks

We have done this flight of locks in all sorts of weather from hot sun to lashing rain - today was chilly and windy, but thankfully dry.  We also were expecting reinforcements in the shape of friends Dee and Steve with their son, David.  We last saw Dee and Steve in July 2015 when they came to help with the Caen Flight - I guess we did not scare them off or work them too hard as they came back for more!

First we moved across to the water point to fill the tank before they arrived.  Having done all that washing and polishing over the last couple of days we were not happy to find this when we got there!!

First things first when our trusty helpers arrived - tea and coffee all round with a biscuit or two just to ensure we had sufficient energy for the toil ahead of us!  Most of the day I was locking ahead -no rest for our guests I am afraid.

It was a chilly, but very pleasant trip down the flight completed in good time.  We passed a couple of boats and there was one behind us.  We did, however, break the habit of a lifetime - we stopped by the reservoir for lunch.  We needed to eat early as we were booked into the Queen's Head for dinner at 17:30 to allow our visitors a chance to get home at a reasonable time as David was going back to Uni for his final term the next day.

David took the helm for a while

I always dread going past this house - I have to remember to put Monty on his lead.

The reason - these two inhabitants who really have a go when any dog goes past. The one by the wall has on occasions been nose to nose with Monty as they shout at each other. No damage is done, but I hate the racket.

Steve also took the helm - this is him coming out of the last lock.  Just as we finished mooring the rain started!!  We had plenty of time for a cup of tea and lots of chance to chat and catch up before we headed out for a really excellent meal - I can thoroughly recommend the sea bass!

Thank you all for your help and company -you are welcome any time. Good luck to you David as you near the end of your studies.


Les Biggs said...

Lot of aeriels by the house, assume they might be amateaur radio enthusiasts.
Les x

Jennie said...

There is another house a bit further down the flight with nearly as many aerials - we often wonder if they talk to each other!Jennie x