Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The long climb to Tardebigge

Sunday 3rd April 2016 
Stoke Pound to Below lock 58, Tardebigge
2 miles, 29 locks

Always the big one for us - the climb up Tardebigge before we go anywhere!  We did, however, have a lovely sunny day and much appreciated help in the form of our daughter, son in law and their two boys, George (7.5) and Jamie (4.5).

George is now able to wind the bottom gate paddles on his own.

Jamie and Sarah supervising Chris

Jamie informed us this was his favourite part of boating!

He did, however, get off and do some work.

Paul shows them how it is done

This bridge always looks so insecure to me, but it is as solid as a rock and quite safe

Just to prove I do exist and do some work - well a lot of work if the truth be told.

There are still signs of the current work at lock 41 (Upper Gambolds Lane) - the lock gates were replaced.

At the reservoir the crew mutinied.  We watched with bated breath to see if Jamie would make it up the hill without rolling back down again

He did!!

A sure sign of spring - lambs gambolling in the fields.

With all that help we made it up the locks in record time (for us at any rate) - just under 3 hours for the 29 locks.  Just as we exited the bottom lock a boat came round the corner to follow us up, so they had the unenviable situation of having to empty every lock after us, whereas we were very lucky as every lock was empty or very nearly so.

Thank you family - it was a very easy trip up the locks completed in wonderful sun and in great company.  The reward - dinner in a pub.

Chris who rarely has a dessert was tempted by this monster and all credit to him, he did make a manful attempt to finish it, but it also did the rounds of the rest of us to help him finish it.

The downside of the day was that our son, his wife and their three children were supposed to be joining us, but Mark (son) and Noah (8.5) were recovering from a flu virus.  They did manage to go out with the dogs for a walk, which ended badly. Evelyn (7) picked a fight with a rock and the rock won.  She just tripped, but the rock which broke her fall, broke the radius in her right arm.  Here she is showing off her half cast - the full one should be fitted this week.  Thankfully she is left handed, so not too incapacitated.

Monday 4th April 2016
Below lock 58 to Tardebigge New Wharf
0.25 miles, 1 lock

Today we just moved up one lock to the water point at the New Wharf.  Tentatrice was filled and emptied as necessary and I took advantage of the side of the boat I could not access in the marina being against the bank to wash, rinse, dry and polish her, so we are clean all round now.  Only one boat came along to use the water point.  We had left our hose attached, so all they had to do was breast up to us and fill their tank with our hose, so everyone was happy.

Monty supervised my efforts tied to a mooring ring as there was a car park right behind us.  He had, however, companions to keep him company.

I wonder if he approved of my efforts?!

We then moved across to the tow path and moored up for the night.

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