Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Kiera's First Day as a Boat Dog

Monday 11th April 2016
From Lowsonford to Wootton Wawen
4 miles, 8 locks

The rain started to patter (and then hammer) down on the roof late yesterday evening and it rained most of the night. Thankfully it had stopped before we moved off and we made the journey with only a few spots of the wet stuff.  Before we left there was a knock on the side and there was a lady asking if we blog.  She had seen us mentioned on other blogs (as we had them).  It was Debby from nb Chuffed.  She had left Dave getting ready for the off - they are heading back up to Kingswood Junction, so we will not meet again this trip. Thank you for stopping by Debby - we will add your blog to ours.

Kiera has spent a couple of days on board with us before, but that was 3 years ago and with her master and mistress.  Today was her first day as a 'solo boat dog'.  She did very well with only one unexpected disembarkation as we left a lock.  A quick reverse and she hopped back on.  The only reason the two of them are tied up here is because the lock is by a road.

The Stratford Canal is a very pretty and, at present, a very peaceful canal - we did not meet a single boat on our trip today.  This is Yarningale Aqueduct immediately before lock 34.

Chris steering the boat over the aqueduct into the lock

Another barrel roofed cottage - this one at Bucket Lock

With this was waiting beside the cottage - we are assuming it is a new cesspit waiting to be connected?  If you know better......

Kiera soon learnt to help Monty ensuring that we went the right way.

Now this really is a barrel roofed cottage  at Peston Bagot lock to conjure with - to me the extension looks a little incongruous, but I am sure it is a lovely house inside.

Our first sighting of rape this year, but thankfully it does not smell yet

Now can anyone tell me why on earth this spanner is hanging from a tree in the middle of nowhere?

We moored on the 24 hour moorings in Wootton Wawen as the towpath before and after this stretch is far too muddy.  The moorings were pretty empty when we arrived, but full by late afternoon.

After lunch we went up to the village to post a letter and get a bit of shopping and we came across this in someone's garden!

There is a craft centre near to the canal that has a number of outlets including one that deals in garden furniture and a few curios.  I might have been tempted with this, but I don't think Monty would sit in the back!

Plus the price bought tears to our eyes - a snip at £599!

The rain started whilst we were out and as I type at 19:00 it is still pouring.  Monday evening is bell ringing practice in Wootten Wawen - such a wonderful sound.

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A Heron's View said...

For that plastic tank you have the right usage and the wrong terminology, for it is a sceptic tank which is much environmentally friendly than the old cesspits.
I think the tree is one of spanner variety :)