Thursday, 25 April 2013

Twelfth Viewing

Monday 22nd April

Back again with some friends to see how things are going.  Not a great deal more than last time as there was really only one working day since our last visit.  However, progress is being made.  

Most of the ceiling tongue and groove is up. 

There are pipes and 

wires all over the place 

We have a propellor

  and the tiller had just been painted

 The stern is looking good - now I wonder if it is too late to ask for and extra shelf in the cupboard?  I might give it a go....
 .  . 
Hospital Silencer

 We are now talking the end of May for completion, but we are quite prepared for further slippage - we just hope not too much!

It was lovely to be able to share the moments with friends.  The first of many we hope.  Apparently launch may be next week and then the engine will be fitted.  We shall see.

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