Monday, 15 April 2013

Tenth Viewing - we have paint!

She is really looking good and we both love the shade of blue we chose - always do tricky from a tiny colour chart!  
First view of the paint
Who will put the first scratch on her?

Plenty of masking along the sides

The bow with the water tank

The water tank needs cleaning and one more coat of paint inside

The roof will be cream and the hand rail teal.

We have windows


and a side hatch

Spray foam insulation on the roof

and along the sides along with a lot of wires

Side panels waiting to be fitted

This is the side we will see

Man with roller & lots of black paint - what a big job, no wonder he is sitting down.

The stern

and again

The last picture was taken from the under the bridge facing the work shop - you can just see the stern through the door.  This where she will be launched into the water - I am going to try to find out who owns the green boat and ask if I can go and stand on the back to take photos and a movie!!

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