Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Eigth Viewing

Back again today in glorious sunshine, but still very cold.  Things are still going well.

We now have two front doors
The bow locker lids are attached properly
The storage for the poles and plank are also in place       
We were able to go inside from the bow this week

  They were busy painting the floor with bitumen
On the outside the rudder was being fitted
She is going to be moved into the next workshop today. We asked how they move such big boats and:                                     
there is a temporary ‘eye’ welded onto the bow
and they then weld wheels onto the bottom and tow the boats with a fork lift truck

This is where she will be next time we visit. 
Just outside the door at the back is the canal, so that is where she will be launched in due course - we hope to be there when that happens.  One on each side of the canal with cameras poised!                           

The last thing today – the windows have arrived

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