Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ninth Viewing

She has moved! 

 This was the sight greeting us as we entered the workshop today.  Bottom blacked and undercoated superstructure

 A view of the bow from inside the boat.  The 2 bow lockers are visible and the hatch that will cover the water tank is in the foreground.

 A view down the side of the boat from bow to stern.  The first porthole belongs to the bedroom and the second will be the bathroom area.

 The "blunt" end - looking OK.

 Inside the boat looking towards the stern.  The marine ply floor is in place covering the ballast and some side battens have already been fitted.

 Undercoated ceiling tongue and groove panels drying off.

 Close up of the rollers in the workshop floor over which she will roll when launch day comes.

A view of the launch pad!  She will go in stern first.  In the background is the bridge at Stoke Prior with the first of the locks behind it.

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