Thursday, 18 April 2019

We are off! 18th April 2019

Thursday 18th April 2019
Droitwich Spa Marina to Netherwich Basin Droitwich Spa
1.75 miles, 5 locks, 3 swing bridges

No MRI results, but we decided to go for it anyway.  We loaded up yesterday and set off in lovely sunshine this morning.  It was nicer than this looks!

 We know it is Easter holidays, but we were not expecting quite so much traffic on what is usually a very quiet bit of water.  The first boat was coming from Droitwich as we left the marina.

We had expected the staircase lock to be ready for us, but no, there was someone else coming up.  Once he was in the top lock I went to empty the bottom lock - yes we got it right this time!  Another boat came up behind us and the helmsman came to lend a hand which is always appreciated.

Onward and through the third lock prior to making our way cautiously under the M5 culvert - a boat was coming towards us which hopefully meant the next lock would be ready for us - it was.
Heading towards the fifth and final lock of the day and another boat coming towards us, so yet another lock ready.  Someone was looking down on us today.

After the final lock which has a swing bridge, there is another swing bridge by Waitrose.  This is a heavily used pedestrian bridge, which is notoriously difficult to operate.  Even at full fitness I found  it very hard - it needs someone to push whilst you try to unlock the padlock.  These young lads came to my rescue and many hands did, indeed make light work. They even hung around to help be close up once Chris had gone through.  They are all about to do their GCSE's so a holiday of lots of revision.  I am very grateful for their help - they were a really great bunch of young lads and I wish them well with their upcoming exams.

Chris hovered on the other side of the swing bridge whilst I went to Waitrose for a few bits and bobs

One more swing bridge and we were at Netherwich Basin - where to moor - we could take our pick!

We decided to go near the water point and this was our view from the side hatch.  It was a great confidence boost that we had made it and when I checked my emails I found the MRI report - it is definitely arthritis, but more severe than the x-ray showed.  There has been a cartilage tear, but I will not do further damage by continuing.  There is also a bursa, so maybe some anti inflammatories will help.  For the mean time we will continue and I will do my exercises and go back to see the physio when we are home in early June.

The empty basin did not stay that way for long - we were joined by a private boat and two Black Prince boats.  What it is to be young and be able to sit like this for a couple of hours!

First night of a cruise and trip past Waitrose demands something a little special for dinner - prawn and cod stew with crusty bread. I can assure you it is very tasty indeed.

and as for Monty - well seems pretty relaxed about the whole deal


nb Chuffed said...

Hi, glad you are out at last! This tip may help with the Waitrose bridge, and the next one too - when you close up, don't try and close the padlock from the padlock side - stand on the path instead and lean on the bar, and use your weight to push the wretched thing shut, making sure the key is dangling free first. I found I could lean over and get the padlock closed much more easily. Like lock gates, it's more efficient to push than pull! Easiest of course is the helpful passer-by, old gentlemen seems to be delighted to help!
You do need a bit of strength in your legs though. When I was diagnosed with srthritis in my knees, my doctor said build up your thigh muscles as they will support the joint. 15 yers later I'm still running! When I wasn't, following my operation, the pain came back, so it works for me. I also take glucosamine and cod liver oil capsules.
enjoy your cruise,

Jennie said...

Thanks Debby for the tip about the swing bridges - I will remember next time, but several 16 year old lads were just the job! I can't see me taking up running, but I am doing my physio exercises aimed at building muscle strength. I am also taking glucosamine capsules and using glucosamine and emu oil. So far, so good. Jennie x

Lynn said...

So good to be reading your posts on here and knowing that you are afloat and not being kept at home with your bad knee.
Lovely to read about the young lads helping you out, they so often get bad press, but they shouldn't all be tarred with the same brush.
Enjoy the rest of it and we hope the good weather continues. xx

Jennie said...

Thanks Lynn - yes most of the young are great. As always it is the few that get the majority a bad name. This lot were fabulous - polite, chatty and very helpful. The wonders of modern technology that we can communicate with my on our boat in UK and you in your van in Spain! Have fun. Jennie xx

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hurrah!! The Gashes are back to cruising and blogging! This was a great way to start your cruising season. I am sorry to hear the arthritis is so severe, but bless the universe for sending a gaggle of healthy lads along at just the right mo! I love synchronicity.And that seafood stew looks divine!! I am eagerly awaiting more posts.

Love to you both,
Jaq xx

Jennie said...

Thanks Jaq. I hope everything is good with you? The stew was divine! I am going to try to keep up with the posts. Jennie xx