Sunday, 21 April 2019

Further than expected - Easter Sunday 21st April 2018

Bird in Hand Stourport to 48 moorings after B26 S&W Canal
7.75 miles, 6 locks, 1 tunnel

Yet more wall to wall sunshine - we could get used to this, but some overnight rain would be appreciated to keep canal water levels topped up!

Monty and I walked ahead this morning first past this house with a fabulous mooring - I do hope they use it,

but most of the time it was just us and the birds

Chris came along behind us and scooped us up at a bridge hole - last time we came this way I walked all the way to the first lock, but I am still having to be careful with my knee and I am ensuring that I do not overdo things

No trains on Falling Sands Viaduct, so no need to upset a fisherman as we did three years ago -  See here - scroll down to the 14th August 2016

It was all very quiet when we arrived at Caldwell lock, but a boat arrived to come up after us just as we were leaving.  I shut the gate, which then started to swing, so I turned back to close it again.  The man at the other end just started to wind paddles up at great speed without even looking in my direction to check all was well.  The result - the gate was wrenched out of my hands and slammed shut.

 We paused at Tesco's for Chris to go to the garage for the paper.  He was successful, but came back dripping blood!  Beware of the door with a very strong spring.  I am afraid he trapped his finger in it and is likely to lose the nail in due course.

There was a boat moored ahead of us doing much the same.  They took off just as the boat behind us came past.

They were both waiting at Kidderminster Lock, so quite a delay, but the sun was shining and all was well with the world, apart from Chris needing paracetamol as his finger was really throbbing by now.  The first boat through was DolcieBlue and what a wonderful paint job she has.

There is a magnificent view of Kidderminster church from this lock - from this picture you would never believe there is a major road right behind me!

Another boat (Slow Progress) came up behind us and the lady came to lend a hand as the boat ahead (with 'Speedy Gonzales' at the previous lock) went through.  I am glad to say we were both as shocked as each other at the way he slammed the paddles down.  A man in a real hurry sad to say.  We have now passed them and hope we stay that way!

This is a very busy Wolverley Lock - you need to do things right here!  We had intended stopping on the moorings above the lock, but they are out of action due to the land slippage a bit further along.  We also decided that with so much traffic about we wanted to get past the slippage just in case it went again and we were stuck.

Just past Wolverley Forge Bridge there is green tarpaulin holding the bank in check, but this is not the site of the serious land slip.

Carry on passed this wonderful house and boat

and you cannot miss it!

Quite naturally as we approached a boat came from the opposite direction!  Thankfully they retreated and waited whilst we struggled through.

Pass slowly is the information posted on signs - well it was so shallow we had to fight our way lurching across the bottom.  There was no chance of going by in idle or we would still have been there now. 

We made it, but as you can see this looks far from stable and I am glad we are safely passed.

The mooring restrictions apply until after Deepdale Lock.  The bridge at the end with the double gates is not easily accessible.  My knee will not allow me to step across, so what to do? Well there were two young lads on the other side examining a dead hedgehog (they wanted to touch it, but I said best not to and they obeyed), so I asked if they were in a hurry and if not would they like to first open and then close the gate that side.  They jumped at the chance, executed their duty with aplomb and when Chris arrived in the lock one of the lads was on the phone to a mate excitedly telling him that they had helped a lady with a lock!  Just to add to the perfection of the day we were entertained at this lock by the sound of church bells.

 My first sighting of a swathe of bluebells - one of my favourite sights.

We finally moored almost in the middle of nowhere.  It is a 48 hour mooring provided by the S&W Canal Society and there is one other boat present.

The view across the cut from the side hatch is not far reaching, but it very peaceful with a couple of geese

I thought she might be on a nest, but no as they both wandered off

 but the inhabitants of the field keep passing by to keep me entertained.

The only sounds are the birds singing in the trees, the lambs bleating across the cut, the occasional boat and the odd cyclist.  Perfect.  I hope you have all enjoyed a very Happy Easter Day.  Having come this far today, tomorrow might well be a very short one for us.  We shall see. 


Lynn said...

More fabulous photos Jennie. I love the paint work on Dulceblue. It is so different isn't it?
I hope Chris's thumb feels better soon. Please break a matchstick! xx

Jennie said...

Thanks Lynn and yes DolcieBlue looks fabulous, but there is an even better one to be posted tomorrow! The finger will take a while to heal, but thankfully the blood has come out of his Tilly hat. Jennie x

Jane M said...

My oh my troubles abound before - and on this cruise. Hope Chris 's finger has stopped throbbing - if not just tell him to have a couple of Scotch's to help him sleep tonight!! Weather has been fab indeed - an overdue change for a Bank Holiday in the UK - we even had breakfast outside this morning in Hampshire. Take care both.

Jennie said...

Thanks Jane - this all happened yesterday and whilst the finger is a mess it has stopped throbbing, but I suspect he will take a nip of Scotch to ensure it remains pain free! Jennie