Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Locked in the Pub - 7 May!!

Monday 7th May 2018
Trent Lock

Yet another scorching day - not at all normal for Bank Holiday weather.  Great for all the traders as people were out in force enjoying their time off.  Our first task of the day was to look around for a mooring for nb Cleddau who were on their way.  First stop the pontoons by The Trent Lock Pub - jam packed full.

Nose to tail along the river bank the other side of the entrance to the Erewash

There was even a boat on the lock landing below the lock -  it looked as though Cleddau would have to come up the lock up to the Erewash Canal, wind (turn round) and reverse and moor behind us.

The river was busy with boats coming and


and people having fun

this activity called for a lot of loud counting and jumping - possibly some sort of team bonding exercise.

 Then at last - there they were - nb Cleddau with Sue and Ken and they were heading our way

and just as they arrived at the pontoons a boat left and there was room for a 61 foot narrow boat sporting

her new colours.  A truly fabulous new paint job.

So having met there was only one place to go for lunch - yes one of the pubs - would it be The Trent Lock Inn or

The Steamboat Inn.  Both were busy, but the Steamboat won the day.  It was an excellent choice as there was room inside by a window, so nice and light, but a much needed break from the sun.  Drinks were ordered and consumed, another round seemed like a good idea, so I went outside to get us all a hot dog from the BBQ that was on the go.  Whilst there I discovered that the wait for food at The Trent Lock Inn was 1.5 hours!!  Whilst our hot dogs were cooking Chris popped out to say that I would have to come back in by the side door - the pub was so busy they needed to close the doors for around half an hour to give the staff a chance to clear up and have a very swift breather.  So there we were with beers and hot dogs all round and locked in!! 

It's a tough life, but someone has to do it!

I hope we were in the former category

Then it was back to the boat to prepare for dinner - Sue and Ken were invited for a celebratory dinner to mark the start of our three months together.  It was a great evening, but these days we are unable to carry on to the wee small hours.  We had things to do and places to go to the next day.

Total Stats for part 1 of our 2018 cruise - 110 miles, 134 locks

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