Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Traffic, Trains, Planes & Fire!

Monday 2nd June
Traffic and Trains
B9 Norton Junction to B29 Weedon Bec
5.25 miles, 7 locks

Just round the bend today were the 7 Buckby and once again many boats were moving.

At the last lock we met nb Tagula Blue

They had been waiting to go onto the Nene with the intention of crossing The Wash from Wisbech to Boston with the intention of visiting friends in Lincoln.  They had given up waiting for the red boards to come down and are going the other way round – we may meet them on their way back.  The name intrigued me – apparently it is a race horse (they resorted to the Sporting pages when trying to think of a name), however the advice is not to put money on him/her (I did not catch the gender) as it has three legs and you will lose your money!!  Good name though and I hope you make it.

Our constant companions day were the thunder of traffic along the M1 

and the roar of trains on the other side of the cut 

An interesting snippet of conversation was overheard as we passed a moored boat where the owner was busy painting - his comment to the passing boat went as follows ‘I am painting and you are moving – it has to rain’!  Behind him the local bovine population seem to agree with him
I am glad to say they were wrong.

There were retail opportunities today at the Canal Shop, Lock 2 on the Buckby Flight (2 canal plaques – Braunston Locks and Norton Junction, were purchased), the pottery shop at Whilton (not visited) 

The  Chandlery at Whilton (Chris had fun!) and finally the Boatwif and I went into Weedon Bec for supplies and what a charming village it is with a very good One Stop Shop, Chemist, Greengrocer and Post Office.  It is also a village of 3 hairdressers (they seem to be shut on Mondays!).

St Peters Church

A window with a difference

A charming welcome to the 'Little Piglets Day Nursery'

 I would never have found this exit off the towpath to Weedon Bec without guidance from Boatwif.  The dog box marks the spot.

The views at the top of the steps down are worth popping through the gap even if you don't need to shop

We finally moved along a short way before mooring for the night with this rather contented neighbour across the cut.

Tuesday 3rd June
Planes and Fire
B29 Weedon Bec to just Blisworth
7.25 miles, 0 locks

No photos of the planes but two Spitfires and a Dakota were spotted today.  Two happy chaps!

No point in rushing anywhere as we cannot get onto the Nene – we found out late in the day that  the river is open today, but a lot of rain is expected tomorrow, so we reckon it is likely to shut again.  The journey to Northampton is on hold.

A morning walk with Monty came across this rather lovely working boat

Some stunning properties

I hope the party is not for tomorrow or they might need more shelter

Diesel was purchased at Heyford Wharf Bridge and we then set off for Gayton Junction.

Just a few miles down the cut Cleddau pulled over.  Why we wondered – were there shops that could not be missed?  No – they had a fire!  Thankfully nothing too serious, but I am sure more details can be found on Boatwif's blog.  We set off again to head for Gayton Junction for rubbish and composting loo disposal and the replenishment of water – I can report a very efficient elsan and a tap with a good strong flow.  Such different things to concern oneself with than when we are at home.

 En route I had to wonder:
Who lives here?
 and which one is real?

Our mooring for tonight is near Blisworth,  near Candle Bridge. 

Our nearest neighbour - a canal Cheese Shop

and not just any old cheese!

Which to have - so far none at all.  I am not sure how much you get for your 3 for £11!

Boatwif, Monty and I took ourselves into the village in search of supplies and found yet another charming village with some wonderful buildings with a predominance of Northampton Stone and more thatched roofs.

Christmas Cottage - one has to wonder why?

 The Smithy

The plan for tomorrow – coffee on board Tentatrice at 10:30 to review the weather and make decisions.  We may just stay put – we shall see.


Adam said...

You didn't mention possibly the best retail opportunity on this stretch, the farm shop at the penultimate Buckby lock. Go through the gate on the towpath, and down a little path. It's tiny, but they do fantastic meat -- all the pork and beef is from their own farm, the chicken from one just up the road. A selection of eggs, veg, and other stuff too. We always make a point of popping in there.

Lynn said...

We are enjoying your blog as always Jennie! Gorgeous photos and I'm thinking that the first "Who lives here" photo could be a hen house. I've spotted very similar ones while looking for Jenny and Jevon's new pet houses for their new house.

Jennie said...

Thanks for that information Adam - I will make a note of it for future journeys along this route.

Jennie said...

You could be right Lynn, although it did not look that big. Whoever it belonged to they were safely tucked up inside!