Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Cleddau/Tentatrice 2014 Cruise begins

Braunston to B9 Norton Junction
4.5 miles, 6 locks

At last we were treated to sunshine.  I hope this augers well for our summer cruise.    I have to say that I have never seen so many moving boats and being the first moored boat after the turn we saw a lot of action and a fair amount of engine revving this morning.  At one point it was so extreme I popped out to have a look to see a boat bearing down on us trying to avoid another boat.  Chris had his head down mopping the bilges, so I was at least able to warn him to hang on!   With some judicious fending off disaster was avoided.  We headed off after a leisurely morning.

On our rubbish disposal run this morning The Captain and I stopped to say hello to Bruce and Sheila on nb Sanity Again.  Wonderful to meet you both after reading your blog for a couple of years. I am just sorry that we were not able to meet  Jan and Tom on NB Waiouru – so near and yet so far.  Next time maybe.

After a leisurely morning we were off

There were boats everywhere

I noticed a VLK (voluntary lock keeper) making notes in a small notebook - probably boat names.  We get excited if we get 6 and overwhelmed if we get 10 boats in our 4 hour shift at Stoke Prior - they must 10 every hour round here!

Tentatrice and Cleddau is their second lock together – there will be many more before we are done.

As we were mooring these lads came through the bridge – having a great time – just messing about in a boat!  I am not so sure that the oarsman was having quite such a good time as the other three.

Moored up

With this as our view – can’t be bad. 

Once we were all secure it was time for the Pimms.  I am not going to count how many of those we consume over the next few months!  It was so good to be able to sit on the tow path in the sun and just chill.   
When we weren’t looking Monty found the dregs in Boatwif’s cup of tea and decided as it was on the floor, it must be for him!

Monty and I headed off down the Leicester Arm on a long walk.  We heard this before we saw it, but we were eventually rewarded with this wonderful sight to go with the evocative sound. 

It was a very rural walk - where is the dog?

Nearly there - just under that bridge and supper awaits - well for Monty at least.

The problem started when we got back to the boat – we are aground, so need to use the gangplank, but Monty was having none of it!  Chris had to carry him in the end.  I guess he will be keener to get off, but some training is required – maybe we should have gone to agility classes.


  1. We are really enjoying catching up with your journey and also really pleased that you are having some better weather. Some super photos Jennie and I'm sure Monty will soon get used to the gang plank!
    Have a Pimms for me - cheers and happy boating!

  2. How wonderful that Tentatrice has met up with Cleddau. Lovely pictures! Please lift Pimms for me and Les. While one can get Pimms in the States if one knows what it is--I'd never heard of it until I came to visit Les prior to our getting married. A friend fixed one for me and I loved it, so we bought some and took it back with us to serve as our wedding punch. Loverly!!
    Love JaqXX

  3. Glad all is going well Jennie some lovely photos glad the weather is being kinder.monty is doing well and I'm sure will get more confident .we used to have a jack Russell who loved coffee.Happy travels