Saturday, 21 June 2014

To Ferry Meadows

21st June 2014
6 miles, 2 locks

The sky did not lie last night - we woke to a warm and sunny morning and the best news - Boatwif was better. We were off relatively early on our journey to Ferry Meadows.  Luck was on our side when we got to the first lock at Water Newton – a cruiser was coming out of the lock as we arrived.  

How to cool a hot dog – break out the cool coat.  Sadly he has not grown since last year, so it is still a bit big, but seems to do the trick.

Onto our second and last lock of the day, Alwalton lock, where there are a couple of moorings if required.

 Duke of Edinburgh we assumed – we saw a couple of groups of lads fully laden.  I hope they have better luck with the Nene Way signs than we did!

N o boats for most of the journey and just as Cleddau came to a blind corner a boat comes round the bend.   Advice was given that Ferry Meadows was full and also an inquiry as to Boatwif’s state of health today.  The same advice re Ferry Meadows was passed to us along with the advice to go to the Peterborough Sailing Club where the bar opened at 12:30.  We have to assume that the boat owner is a blog reader, so if you see this, please leave a comment and say hello.  Thank you also for the advice, but I am afraid we decided to check Ferry Meadows out for ourselves – just in case.

Cleddau makes the turn.

The advice was correct – it was full

That looks good if we can get in

 There might be room behind this cruiser

 We were in luck – they were kind enough to move as far forward as possible, so Cleddau could get in and we could breast up

Monty was not keen on the metal grid pontoons, but coped admirably 

After lunch a lot of boats left and we were able to move across

To find that one of the occupants our new neighbours' boat was in trouble with his knee, so much so that this was sent for
 And he was taken away to hospital.  We hope it was not too serious and all will be well soon.

Chris, Monty and I went off in search of a paper shop.  This was spotted on the way out of the Country Park
On past the Nene Valley Railway Station - just too late - we heard the train, but missed it.  Boatwif, however, went for a recce later in the afternoon - see here ( for details.

The nearest shops seem to be in Cherry Orton – a good 35 mins or so each way.  Cherry Orton is another chocolate box town - well in parts!

And even when the Pembroke Boatwif and Captain were not with us we still had a ‘Pembroke Moment’.

Once back and the papers off loaded we set off for a better walk for Monty.  This is a lovely spot and it was good to see it so well used – there were people everywhere

It meant walks on the lead for Monty until we found a patch of fairly empty grass to have a play with his new toy – a Frisbee from the gift shop. I wonder how long it will last?

Was this a BBQ or a camp fire – smoky food for dinner either way.

 There is no shortage of picnic tables – it really is an idyllic spot.

On the way back to the boat Monty had his first ice cream!  I had asked if she would do me a very small one for a small person and I am delighted to say she obliged and did not charge me the earth.  Monty really enjoyed it with a few breaks to heat his tongue up.

By the time we got back another boat had joined us – a pretty good place to moor I am sure you will agree. 
 Dufflepud – Gill and Charlie from Grantham.  If they ever see this I would love to know the origin of the name.

Just a quick dash to Peterborough for us all tomorrow and then Chris, Monty and I are off home for a couple of days.


  1. Twas me young Ken Freeman (that's a fib as not so young now) Used to narrowboat but sadly no more ( see blog Amarantine Adventuer) pleased you got in at ferry meadows and happy cruising. Ken

  2. Hi Ken - thanks for responding - it is always good to know who you are talking to! I have just been to look at your blog and am so sorry to find out why you are no longer on your narrow boat. Lynda looked like a lovely person. Hard times for you. We really enjoyed Ferry Meadows and it is definitely somewhere I would go back to if we come that way again. We now know to arrive mid afternoon when the lunch time visitors have gone home.