Tuesday, 8 August 2017

VIP Guest Blogger

Monday 7th August 2017
Earlswood to Lapworth
5.5 miles, 13 locks

 We set off bright and early again as we had to get to Hockley Heath to collect our VIP guest - our youngest granddaughter, Evelyn, aged 8. Her Mum was driving her down from her home in Derby along with her big brother and a Tesco shop for us.  The journey was uneventful until we arrived in Hockley Heath when as we were heading for the mooring nearest the pub a boat from the other direction was doing exactly the same!  They only had a bit of shopping to do, so kindly agreed to moor behind us so we had easy access to the pub car park.

As it turned out it was a boat we knew nb Pearl which moors at Stoke Prior.

We then discovered we knew the helmsman - he is a volunteer lock keeper at Hanbury and we have met him at various courses and events.

There must be something about this bridge hole as whilst we were chatting to Tony two hire boats arrived simultaneously to meet head on.  No contact was made and with some judicious shuffling they sorted themselves out and went on their way.

Jo arrived around 10:15, we unloaded, had a cuppa and then waved goodbye to Jo and Noah and this is where I am going to hand over to Evelyn who has chosen the rest of the photos and wants to tell you about her travels aboard nb Tentatrice.

Over to you Evelyn

Hello, my name is Evelyn. I like to spend time with my grandparents. It is my first time on the narrow boat by myself. I was very exited to come on the boat and get stuck in. When I was doing the first drawbridge, it wound up an down very easily. We let another boat past after  grandpa had gone through. There was a lady sitting on the roof who had to duck , or she would have hit her head.

The second drawbridge was stiff so grandma had to help me (even she struggled!).

Monty was supervising me carefully whilst I was winding the paddles at the first lock.

I asked a question about this picture and now I'm going to tell you something about it.

Locks have cills

Locks have this sign to tell boats to move forward or they might get stuck on the cill and then sink.

Carefully,I walked across the lock gate so I could open the paddle to empty the lock.

This is a split bridge- the reason why it's split is because in the olden days boats didn't have engines. The boats were pulled by horses so when they went under bridges the rope could go through the split.

We  passed lots of boats as we worked the locks.

We moored at Lapworth

and Grandma and I went to a little canal shop

to get an ice lolly

and some souvenirs. I got a badge and a bookmark because I'm a bookworm.

When we got back on the boat,Grandma and I made beef burgers and I also helped wash up.

We went to The Boot Inn for dinner. I had macaroni and cheese

and an enormous, mouthwatering ice cream sundae .

I loved my first day on the boat and I'm very ready for tomorrow!


Jo Gash said...

Sounds like you have had so much fun!! I love the blog and the photos are fab! Looks like you have been keeping busy.. have fun tomorrow... much love and cuddles, mummy xx😘

Jo Gash said...
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Jane M said...

Wow Evelyn your blog is amazing. Maybe you are a journalist I the making. Keep it up and enjoy your trip. Jane x

Jennie said...

Two of the three worked Jo. We are having a great time with Evelyn. She is a great help and fantastic company.

Jo Gash said...

Evie, auntie Kate has read the blog but can't comment so has asked me too! She says, well done and that you have done a fabulous job xx