Wednesday, 9 August 2017

VIP Guest Blog Part 2

Tuesday 8th August 2017
Lapworth to Foxbrook Aqueduct Grand Union Canal
2.25 miles, 6 locks

Hello again Evelyn here.I was very exited to start a new day. I had special K for my breakfast (it was lovely!).

Slowly, Grandpa drove the narrow boat into the lock. I think it's probably very hard to drive into the lock!

 Gingerly, I wound down the stiff, greasy lock. Some of the locks were harder than others!

I walked across the lock like a tightrope walker.It was a little bit scary.

 A yellow, thin box with a lever spoke loudly when you turned the handle.  It told me about barrel-roofed cottages that are found on the Stratford Canal.

This is a picture of us filling up the water tank with the hose.

This is the water tap we filled up on and some water shot out at me.

Whilst we where doing the locks I spotted a funny looking sign that pointed in three directions.

This is a barrel-roofed cottage

This is a little piece of cool information about the barrel-roofed cottages.

We went along the narrow,compact link from the Stratford Canal to the Grand Union Canal.

I had a good go at steering narrow boat.

I needed a step stool though!

We moored in a nice, peaceful place in the middle of nowhere!.

This was a garden we were supposed to have a BBQ but, sadly, it rained .

Wednesday 9th August 2017
Foxbrook Aqueduct Grand to Saltisford Arm
5.5 miles, 21 locks

Today it rained a lot!

As we got to the first lock, we met another boat and the paddle gears are like candlesticks.

We did twenty-one broad locks and the gates were very hard to push and pull.

 It looked as if it went on for ever. It took us 2.75 hours. The rain stopped when we finished!

It shocked me when I saw giant,metal dragonfly in a side-pond.

Monty helped me wind the paddle.

The people on the other boat were from Sydney. They were very helpful to us.

He helped me a lot and was very nice.

Monty was very very wet like a sponge.

This was their boat but they hired it.

They did the last lock for us. It was very kind.

There are models of paddles

...and locks at Saltishead Arm Canal Basin where we are now moored... .

There are two benches as well.

We had a mini BBQ and Grandpa cooked it.
Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and bye bye!!!


Jo Gash said...

Another great blog! Looks like you have been very busy and had lots of fun. I think grandma and grandpa will miss you. I think you may be a budding writer xx see you tomorrow xx

Jo Lodge said...

Hi Evelyn. It was lovely to meet you whilst you were in the Saltisford Arm. Loved reading your blog posts as well. Enjoy the rest of your Summer holidays and who knows we may meet again somewhere.
Kind regards Jo.

Jennie said...

We had a great time with Evelyn. We miss her already. It is strangely quiet! The second lock we got to today the boat before us had left the bottom gates and paddles open, so I had to shut them before I could fill the lock to let Chris in. I really missed Evelyn's muscle power. I hope you had a good day? Love Jennie x

Jennie said...

Thanks Jo. It was good to see you again and I am sure we will meet again one day.

Boatwif said...

Hello Evelyn, I have met you several times, usually at your Grandma's house. I can see that you have grown a lot in the last couple of years!
I have loved reading your blog posts. You are obviously very observant and have described curious canal features very clearly. It looks as if your welly boats were a very useful item to have with you! Hope you've dried out now...
Enjoy the rest of your school holidays,
Sue /Boatwif

Jennie said...

Thanks Sue - Evelyn really was a great help and a pleasure to have on board - we miss her dreadfully. I will point Jo in the direction of all new comments. Jo took a bag home of wet trousers and socks along with the still wet welly boots! Mind if you cannot splash in puddles when you are eight there is something wrong with the world! Jennie