Saturday, 3 September 2016

A long, but beautiful day

Friday 2nd September
Rookery Bridge to Clive Green Moorings
7 miles, 7 lock

The early birthday dinner for Sue last night was a success apart from no photos that are worthy of sharing!  Today dawned fine and bright.  Shortly after we set off we encountered this construction on the towpath which we assume is to slow/deter or indeed decapitate cyclists.  All very admirable except

they can just cycle round the side!

The pound was probably about a foot down, but thankfully did not cause too many problems

At the first lock of the day there were gongoozlers with a difference

 and a queue

This trip along the Middlewich Arm of the Shropshire Union Canal was one to be undertaken just to get from A to B - it follows a very busy and very noisy road all the way to Middlewich

The scenery becomes more and more industrial

Boats kept coming and going at most of the locks - some were in our favour and others weren't

As you approach Middlewich there is a large winding (turning) hole - just the place to moor a fibre glass cruiser!

We moored above the lock at the junction and headed into town for a Tesco shop - quite a trog, but worth the effort.  Once we were back we went down the lock first to call in for diesel at the boatyard on the right - as we pulled away Cleddau emerged from the lock and it was their turn to fill the tank.

 It is very busy down there with boats coming and going in all directions all of the time.

As we finished the first lock after the junction Cleddau turned in to follow us up

 The mooring Ken had picked was idyllic - peaceful

despite the neighbours

With great views

We joined Sue and Ken on their boat for tea and cake courtesy of Mr Tesco and Welsh Cakes courtesy of Ken.

Then it was back to our boat to enjoy the view from the side hatch

Although the weather was very kind, with all the stops and starts the day did seem a little endless, but we were grateful to be dry and warm and to be moored in such a beautiful mooring;


  1. Hi Jennie and Chris, we will try and make the basin in LLangollen today if you are still going to be there? Doug & James 07971 257044

  2. Yes we will still be here. We are planning moving on sometime after lunch tomorrow. We have friends (of both crews) arriving at midday for Sunday lunch out. Sue and Ken (nb Cleddau) have visitors this afternoon. We are in the basin, so when I see your boat I will give you a ring. Hope to see you later. Jennie