Thursday, 4 June 2015

Summer has arrived!

Droitwich Spa Marina to Dunhampstead and back
4 miles, 6 locks

We are lucky enough to have great neighbours who keep a weather eye on our house when we are away and put bins in and out as needed and we have been promising them a trip out on the boat for a long time.  Well today was the day!  We had narrowed it down to last Thursday or this one and we certainly made the right choice – wall to wall sunshine all day.

It was just a short trip down the cut to The Fir Tree Inn, Dunhampstead where we enjoyed a good lunch – they do a ‘light bites menu for the smaller appetite’ – we were all glad we opted for that as the portions were still very generous.

Tea on the run as we headed off 

As we rounded the corner at Hanbury we came across Cecelia – our local Canal Society's (Worcester Birmingham and Droitwich Canal Society) charity boat 

And Mon Amour – the society chairman’s boat – we reckon they are both making their way down to Worcester for the Worcester Boat Festival from 12th – 14th June. 

Just a short tunnel at Dunhamptsead on this route 

The only locks on this trip are the three very deep ones at Hanbury.  I know some of you have come across unhelpful VLK (volunteer lock keepers) on your travels – the ones here are brilliant.  There were two on duty today, so we had very little to do.  

Once back in the marina we had a cuppa which was a good enough excuse to christen our latest acquisition before our friends headed home.  Not only does it look good, but more importantly it pours well.

These are the newest residents in the marina – nearly two weeks old and having a nap in the sun. 

We are staying on board tonight and hope to get the outside washed and polished tomorrow before we head off on the summer cruise next Thursday.  A quick run out was timely – the bow thruster is not working.  Chris has had a go at repairing to no avail, so someone from JL Pinders will come and look tomorrow. 

Long may this weather last.  We really could not have picked a better day to start our summer cruising.

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