Wednesday, 6 August 2014

To Lincoln

1-6 August 2014
31 miles 2 locks

We did the journey from Boston over two days (1 – 2 Aug) stopping en route at Bardney after the lock.

We were at one end

And Cleddau way down the other!

Well what can I say about the journey – not a lot!  It must be one of the more boring journeys we have ever undertaken!  Miles of this

Avoiding thick weed.

On the second day I opted to spend the time cleaning the floor rather than viewing the scenery – that is desperation indeed!

There are good moorings along the route and we have decided that if we come this way again we should stop more often and explore the countryside.

I was ready to help by the time we got to Stamp End Lock on the outskirts of Lincoln where there are huge warnings

But where was the light?  We really had to look round for it and there is was a very small light right at the end of the lock!  Green of course – there is lack of water rather than too much at present

No need for windlasses on this bit of the Witham – they are permanently attached even in the centre of town

On we crept past Waterside House, the home of the Environment Agency, protecting air, land and water

 To our first fairly good view of Lincoln Cathedral

Under a bridge

Creeping along

Past the Waterside shopping centre on our right

The Market with an imported beach complete with deckchairs on our left

And there is the Glory Hole ahead

Under we went to find it is vaulted - this is the best photo I could get

To the bridge leading to Brayford Pool that on one side asks

And the other

We had been told which boats to look out for as we were to breast up.  Cleddau found theirs and duly moored.

 Ours we missed so had to wind (turn round) and come back again.  Still no sign, so yet another phone call the harbour master’s office – Tagula Blue (I was sure I knew the name), but no we still could not see her, but did eventually find our mooring past the slipway.

Around 30 minutes later Tagula Blue arrived!  She managed to find a mooring just behind us that was a free C&RT mooring and yes I was right – we had met before on 2 Jun at Buckby Top lock – they had just given up on the Nene having been stranded for a week due to too much water.  Their original plan was to go across the Wash to Lincoln, but had now decided to go the long way round.  They had made it and had met up with the friend they were aiming for.  Having heard from us how brilliant the Wash was they said they may head to Boston and try to go to Wisbech.  They were gone the next day, so I hope they make it okay.

Lincoln – well there is a lot here, but for us it has all been about visitors not sight-seeing.  If you want more information about Lincoln do go and visit Boatwif's blog in a day or so -  they visited the Cathedral today, so I am sure there are tales to tell and photos to show.  We have met up with six sets of friends.  This was always our intention.  We all met in Lincoln many years ago and we have had a wonderful few days.  One couple we had not seen for many years.  One friend was missed as she was on holiday, but on the whole our mission has been well and truly accomplished.  Tomorrow we head off again making our way to Trent Lock over the next few days where we will almost certainly be parting company with The Captain and Boatwif on Cleddau.  A day I am not looking forward to.  I hope there will be other joint cruises in the future. 

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