Wednesday, 13 August 2014

To Gunthorpe, Holme Pierrepont and then Beeston

Monday 11th August 2014
To Gunthorpe
12.5 miles, 3 locks

Time to leave Newark – the forecast was for strong winds (they weren’t kidding), but not too much rain (none).  Cleddau moved up to breast up with us at 09:00 to be ready as the lock keeper started at 09:30.  She was pretty much on time and we went through with ease. Past many warehouses

the bridge over the weir

 this is it from the land

and the Leicester Trader – a heritage barge, out of the water for hull repairs, but they hope to be finished and open to view again soon.

Out into the countryside – we can only wonder why this man was stood in a field of horses with no shirt on!  It really was not that warm!

Past Averham Weir which is huge and quite ferocious – keep well over!  There was nothing to stop you going to your doom.

Just before 11am the second layer was added and we were all bundled up against the bitingly cold wind

It certainly is a big imposing river

And very pretty 

Turn right at Gunthorpe Lock – it was just us here as we left nb Cleddau taking on water from a very slow tap at Hazelford lock.  We were went ahead in the hopes that we could secure moorings at Gunthorpe. There are a lot of floating pontoons with mooring on each side – would we be lucky?

Yes right at the end on the inside of the pontoon just room for two narrow boats.  In we went

To be joined by nb Cleddau in due course.

The wind was really throwing him around 

and I am sure he was pleased to stop for the night.

We used to live near here in the 80’s.  Our children went to school at East Bridgford which is just down the road.  Chris thought he might be able to walk there, but failed in his attempt. 

Tuesday 12th August 2014
To Holme Pierrepont
7 miles, 2 locks 

The first challenge today was to leave the pontoons! The wind made for an interesting departure.  Cleddau went first. Untie 

Hang on tight

The is off, but without Boatwif

The current and wind conspired to take him through 360 degrees

But he makes it back to collect Boatwif

We managed to leave with me on board and without the 360 degree turn, but only by cheating and using the bow thruster!!  I was too busy hanging on and leaping aboard to take any photos! It was an interesting way to start the day.

A bit of light relief - a cormorant perched on this post stretching his wings

Under the A6097 (doesn’t the traffic whizz past) just after Gunthorpe.  The world down here, thankfully, is a very different place to the world up there.

 Then to Radcliffe Rail Viaduct whch is much more impressive than any photo I could take

 Bur less impressive from the other side 

There is a mooring just after the viaduct that must have been used once, but I would not fancy going up this ladder!

Through Holm Lock which is the deepest on the Trent at 12 foot but it looked deeper

And if we thought Nether lock was fierce, we had not seen anything until we got to Holm.

The moorings at Holme Pierrepont are plentiful and good, but there is a big ledge, so you cannot moor tight up to the bank.  We had to extend the ropes on our tyres and put bungees on the rudder to stop ourselves banging and thumping all night.  The only other downside - very noisy geese throughout the night

This is a really good place to stop with so much to see.  The activity on the water is very entertaining.
There was a lot of action on the canoe slalom.

When you get to the end the only way back is to carry your canoe

This inflatable was boarded right between the two boats

Paddled round to join the slalom course and in they went  

The order was to paddle forward which they did until the water engulfed the front of the boat (I was too engrossed to snap!)

The result two overboard

Who were rescued safe and sound – Chris’ comment – you pay good money at Alton Towers for that sort of experience!

Round the corner were canoeists on calm water having a lesson

Next we came upon the 2500km rowing course

With many lessons going on including having to stand up in your skull – the winner was the one who lasted the longest.


On the far side of the course we came across this construction which we assume is the referees standpoint

 And it provided a good view of the truly enormous scoreboard

To give some idea of size this is Chris underneath it – the legs must be around 8 – 10 feet high

At one point on our walk we were approaching an open piece of ground when another border collie came from a 90 degree angle.  Her owner could not see us and we could not see him.  When we did he was rubbing his eyes and asking if he was seeing double!  Tess and Monty, were, indeed very alike.  Mind you she loves water and he still does not and just stood and barked at her as if she was mad!

Now how about these two beauties – Great Danes bloodhounds (slip of the brain) we were informed, but I have never seen them this colouring before

Wednesday 13th August 2014
To Beeston
7 miles 2 locks

This boat was noticed this morning which says it all!

Not long after we set off this morning we came across this property – however did they get planning permission

It was truly enormous

It would have to be a penthouse apartment with a large balcony!  You must feel like a poor relation if you live on the other side of the building!

We passed this double decker boat – a first for us

 Now what is this?  A man overboard?  Do we need a life ring?

No these gallant souls came to the rescue

He caught the life line as we passed 

Nottinghamshire fire brigade training session

Next came Radcliffe Rail Viaduct

It is much more impressive than any photo I was able to take and definitely better going East to West 

Through Meadow Lane Lock and we were back on a canal for the first time since the 6th June.  It did seem very strange having the sides so close

Past the Canal Museum that we believe has been closed and is now a pub

Wetherspoons is still advertising that you can watch the World Cup – now that does not fill me with confidence for their eye for detail

This sign by Castle lock told us we were 1.25 miles from the River Trent, but which way?  We left the Trent today and will be back on it again tomorrow.

The only real rain of the day and it has to come at a lock!!  It is a bit of a shock having to get out, wind paddles and push gates after all the Trent Locks! 

Past the very unimposing Castle

And into the country again

We are moored just before the lock at Beeston ready to go back on the Trent tomorrow to make our way to Sawley Marina.  Nb Cleddau is going in for a day or two, so tomorrow will be our last night together.

Total stats to date:
460.5 miles, 227 locks

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