Monday, 26 May 2014

That worked well

Tardebigge New Wharf to Earlswood Reservoir
19  miles 4 tunnels

As planned our daughter arrived this morning to take us to the boat and a last minute decision was for them all to come with us to for 3 miles and 2 tunnels.  A bit of car re-positioning and they arrived to set off.

All aboard safe, sound and life jacketed. 

G had brought the olive oil – see yesterday’s post!- I am glad to say we did not need it!! 

J (aged 2.5) having a steer!! 

As we got to Alvechurch we caught sight of a camera crew – it is likely that we will appear on television on ‘A Place in the Sun’.

They jumped ship at Withybed Green and we bade farewell until July.  Mixed feelings as we see them most weeks, but this was always our plan, so onwards and upwards.

 Under our first motorway this trip (M42) – I wonder how many we will have gone under by the time we get home?

The route was a familiar one: 
Bittel Reservoir (not too wet for fishermen today)

 Norton Junction

 Shirley Drawbridge (the boat ahead is a fellow Droitwich Spa Boat – As Time Goes By on their way to Cropedy.

Dickens Heath where the water was running this year – it was bone dry when we went past last year.

We moored in pretty much the same place as last  year – it is quiet and safe.

Things we saw on the way: 
Somewhere we would all rather avoid: HMP Hewell

This Santa was hanging on last year and is still there 

This was a rather unsettling sight!  I hope we do not come across too many of these!

A rather kamikaze canoeist who headed away when he saw us coming, turned around, came back and then headed away again.  He got close enough for Chris to have to reverse and take avoiding action.  He came from another narrow boat, so you would think he would have known better, but hey ho, no harm done. 

The flora was wonderful

The weather was fair – a small amount of light rain, but the real stuff did not arrive until after we had moored.  All in all a very good day.


Lynn said...

So pleased you had better weather today and that the family were able to join you for part of the journey. Fabulous photos!
Safe travels!

Jane M said...

Thinking of you and Cleddau on your respective journeys. Take care and hope the weather is kinder to you than last Saturday!