Friday, 23 May 2014

Are we mad?

Droitwich Spa Marina to The Queens Head, Stoke Pound
4.5 miles, 15 Locks

Today we left the Marina

Passing the current 'office' beside the beginnings of their permanent building - I wonder how far on they will have got when we get back in a few months time?

To start our SUMMER cruise!!  Did someone say SUMMER????

One very drowned rat

Before it rained, which at times was almost horizontal to the water, we passed what must be amongst the prettiest locks in the country - certainly on this canal. It is the second one when you are on your way up at Astwood.

and Monty showed that he has not forgotten the rules of locking. 

To moor up opposite the Queens Head - the moorings were very crowded - we got the last spot.

So that is day one - did we enjoy it - well yes and no - it is good to finally be off, but we could have done with better weather.  We are home tonight.  Tomorrow we do Tardebigge (in the rain it looks like) with our daughter helping out.  She has been promised lunch in the pub when we are done.

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