Monday, 18 March 2013

Sixth Viewing

A much brighter warmer day for our viewing today and the progress continues as will be seen by the photos.  Nearly all the external welding has been done and the lockers in the stern (to include a cupboard on the starboard side) have been built.  They are still planning on doing more work with her in the shed and the date is still mid May.  We are discussing internal colour schemes and hope to have either somewhere to go to view upholstery samples or some to samples to look at when we visit next Monday.  The washing machine has been decided upon and we have also decided to do without a tumble dryer and to use that space for a fridge freezer as we feel a freezer will be of more value.  I hope we do not live to regret that decision! 

As we were leaving Bob told us that it is Pinders' 60th Anniversary this year and that Waterways World have asked to do a review on a boat he has built and he asked if we would be willing to let them review Tentatrice.  We have said yes - we reckon he is not going to let a magazine review a boat that he is not 100% happy with!  We have no idea when it will be, but watch this space.


 Bow to Stern

Space for the bow thruster

Bow to stern

Port Stern locker/benches

Starboard Stern locker.benches


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