Monday, 25 March 2013

Seventh Viewing

It was back to see Bob and the boat again this morning.  She is still in the work shed and work is still cracking on.  She might have moved by next week as most of the steel work will be done by then and they have a new boat to start, so will need the work shed for that. 

We have a front door - well half of one!
The handrail is in place and most of the welding done on that.
This is the access point to the bow thruster - apparently to access some of them you have to take half the boat apart (well slight exageration, but it is a big job), so Bob has ensured we don't have that problem.

Locker at the stern that the gas bottles will live in.  There is a storage locker the other side that will be lockable

This locker is at the stern - it will have shelves for storage for maps, binoculars etc

This picture was taken from the back deck - yes we actually climbed aboard for the first time!  Note - no internal struts any more.

It appears that we are definitely to star in Waterways World at some point and Bob also mentioned today that he might be taking over the moorings at Tardebigge from the Canal & River Trust and we might be able to get a mooring up there.  It is not quite as well serviced as the marina at Droitwich Spa, but it would be secure and would save us over 40 locks every time we wanted to go north (which will be most of the time), so it is very tempting.  We truly would be Tentatrice from Tardebigge.  Tardebigge is a Canal and River Trust boatyard with moorings on the non towpath side of the canal.  There are toilets, showers, water point and rubbish facilities and Bob has said they will put in electricity points, so we will have all we will need.  He is also talking of secure car parking and in any case it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so quite safe.  He and his colleagues will be working up there most days Mon - Fri and there are usually some Canal & River Trust people around, plus several live aboard boats, so all in all quite secure.  Long term he wants to add diesel services - another bonus.  Next time we walk along there I will take some photos.  It is also about 7 minutes by car from home whereas Droitwich is at least twice as far. 

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