Thursday, 14 February 2013

Third Viewing

Back again to see the progress.  She does not look very different, but a lot has been done.  Bob went into all sorts of details about keel cooling tanks that are in the stern that we cannot see.  Most of the work at present is welding.  Most of the rubbing strakes are tack welded on with the full weld being done a bit at a time so that the metal does not get too hot and buckle.  

Whilst we were there two men came along with a very long tape measure to check the length.  The verdict -  '79 foot'!  A bit of a shock as we have ordered a 59' boat!  Just a bit of fun - it was confirmed that she is exactly 59 foot long! 

When we arrived the bow Stem was hanging on a large chain, but by the time we had finished looking at the stern the Stem had been attached!  Things seem to be going well and apparently she should look more like a boat by next week when we are taking two of the grandchildren to see her.
Not a lot of change

The stem waiting.....

The stern is attached

Inside the stern - the keel cooling tanks are in there somewhere
One of the few loose rubbing strakes

How long is this boat?

59 foot

Hard at work

Yet more work
Welding waiting to be done

The stem has been attached

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