Friday, 8 February 2013

That was fun

We went for a walk along the Tardebigge locks today from Upper Gambolds Lane to Tardebigge Top Lock - one we do regularly with young Monty (9.5 months old) and we met a coal boat going up, so we decided to help them on their way.  Monty is very wary of locks and any surface he does not consider terra firma, so actually helping work the locks (only about 10 of them, but every little helps I hope) in a minor capacity was very useful training for him.  I am glad to say he acquitted himself very well and was very patient as well as inquisitive.  The biggest plus was that he did not jump up at the man from the boat who was working the locks .  It is months since we have done any locking and we both really enjoyed it and cannot wait for nb Tentatrice to be ready to go.

What is that?

I am really not sure

Boat details


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